Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I had a reality check tonight.  I was trying to finish up my costume and Sam asked if she could go next door to her friend's house.  I said yes & she was gone quick.  Then Nash asked if he could go next door to his friend's house.  I said yes & he was gone pretty quick too.  Not too long after they both came back & asked if they could go Trick or Treat around the block with their friend.  Suddenly I was left with just two little kids on Halloween!  My big kids are getting big enough that before I know it, they'll be off Trick or Treating without me!
 These two looked super cute in their costumes.  Everyone commented on how stinkin' cute B was.  I couldn't agree more!  Caleb was plugging his nose in these pics before he said, "It smells like cow butt!"  Great!  Thanks for that lovely description of what Hyrum smells like buddy!

We got our pumpkins lit before we went out Trick or Treating.  They weren't glowing when we got home so the tea lights in them didn't last too long.

A quick stop over at Grandma Terri's house.  We even got to see the Bradshaw cousins!


It just wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't go to N. Logan to celebrate Grandma Kris's birthday.  Nash was a die hard Trick or Treater.  He went out the longest & got the most out of all four of my kids.  He ended up weighing himself with his candy (with grandma's help) and figured he had about 2 1/2 lbs of candy.  Awesome.

Now, as soon as we know what Sam wants to be for Literacy Night in April we can figure out next year's Halloween costumes!

PS - I must say, I'm proud of myself for finishing my costume.  It was only cut out & marked last night.  I started working on it around 8:30 pm and finally had to stop at 1:30 am because my back couldn't take any more.  I worked on it for about an hour this morning after I dropped kids off at school.  After school I came home & worked on it again for another hour and a half before I finished it.  I did it all by myself too!  The only help I had was I had my mom look at the skirt layout before I cut it out to make sure I had it laid out correctly (good thing I had her look at it too or I would have been one sad lady!).  I've officially moved up a step from remedial sewing to almost not remedial sewing!  Go me!

We carve pumpkins

We managed to carve our pumpkins while Travis was home.  Sam nearly lost it when her dad smeared pumpkin guts on her.  She's SUCH a girl!  I have no idea where it comes from either!

My girlfriend & her 3 boys came down & joined the pumpkin gut fun with us.

You never know how these two are going to be with each other.  Lucky for us moms they were nice to each other this time! :)

"Look at all the pumpkin guts on my hands mom!"

Sister wasn't quite sure what to think about all this craziness!

Drawing faces on the pumpkins before we carve them.

Actually carving the faces out.

Finished products!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sam dances at Green Canyon Corn Maze

This afternoon Samantha danced at the Green Canyon Corn Maze with her dance studio.  Brookelyn thought it was great to be outside in the hay!  It wasn't too bad when we first got there but after about 15 minutes it started to get fairly chilly!  We didn't end up staying and going through the maze (the kids were bummed) because I hadn't brought hats, gloves, etc.  Sam got to wear her Halloween costume to dance in so that was fun.

The boys played in the mini hay maze while Sam danced.  It was nice to have them distracted so I could watch and take pictures!

Samantha is the one in the Alice in Wonderland costume (far left).  All but one of the songs they danced to were Halloween songs (Ghost Busters, Monster Mash, Witch Dr.)

Before we left we had to stick our faces in the face holes!

This one could go as the great shoe stealer for Halloween this year!  She wears any and every shoe she can find!