Thursday, May 4, 2017

CT results & 5th round of lab work

Yesterday we went and saw Lindsey at the ENT's office again.  Sam had the CT scan done in the back of the allergy clinic.  It's pretty cool.  It's like a big dental 360 x ray machine.  The images pull up almost instantly on the computer.  The girl doing the scan points to two spots on Sam's face and says, "See this?  This should be two black spots." (It was gray.)  Then she turns to Sam and says, "Can you even breathe?"  Sam looked surprised and just goes, "Yea."  The girl doing the scan asks, "Are you sure?!"  I didn't figure that was a great way to start our appointment.

After the scan was done we went back over to the ENT office and had to wait for Lindsey to come in.  She pulled the images up on the computer and scrolled through it showing different layers.  She showed where there is infection in her right cheek sinus.  She said that it isn't horrible and wouldn't cause her current symptoms.  She said it was probably a lot worse two weeks ago when she first started the Z pack.  Lindsey is hoping that the double Z Packs she started on Monday will chip away at what's left of the infection and get rid of it completely.   Apparently the Z Pack isn't a fantastic option for sinus infections but since she's allergic to PCN it's about the only option she's got.  She also showed us that Sam has a pretty decent deviated septum.  She said that we could do surgery to repair it but wouldn't worry about doing that until she's 16.  I guess the septum is a growth plate of sorts so they like to wait until they are kinda done growing.  I asked what the consequences would be if we didn't get it fixed.  She said that having it fixed reduces how much congestion you get and how often.  She said it can also help reduce snoring.  So, it's not a major have to surgery, but it would probably be nice for her in the congestion department because she goes through a box of tissues by herself in just a few days.  Lindsey also pulled up images of her ears that the CT caught.  Everything on her ears looks great (can't say I think that will happen when we have B's on the 15th though).

I updated Lindsey on the Vitamin D level.  She suggested taking Vivactin twice a day.  She said the Vitamin D won't be absorbed by her body if it isn't taken with calcium.  So, we went and bought some Vivactin later in the day and she's started on that.  Sam says they are pretty good - we got the caramel ones.  Side note - I did look at the Vitamin D prescription bottle and they did prescribe the 50,000 units for once a week - same amount Trav's mom is taking.

I asked Lindsey if we needed to do anything as far as calling Dr. Feffer's office.  She checked on it and it's in progress.  I was told if I don't hear from them in a few days to call Lindsey's office back and they would follow through on it.

I heard from the pediatrician's office today on the B12.  We had her blood drawn before her CT yesterday and I had hoped we'd get results back last night, but no such luck.  That's ok, I'm just super impatient.  Nurse said B12 levels are normal.  I really thought they would be low.  I recently found out my Grandma Reeder has taken B12 for 45 years.  Combining that knowledge with the fact that my mother in law's B12 was low and her energy levels, I thought for SURE her B12 would be low.  Guess not.  Back to the drawing board.

I heard from the home bound coordinator today as well.  I told him whats been going on and that Sam had done better yesterday and if she continues doing that well then she could maybe try going back to school Monday.  My worry is throwing her back into everything all at once and having her relapse.  He said that we should treat it like a mono situation.  When she goes back she'll just go for hours 1-3.  The next day she's back she'll go hours 4-6.  This way she can get each class a few times a week.  They'll keep her on the home bound program just in case she relapses.  We'll see how the next four days go and I told him I would text him and let him know if I was going to send her to school Monday or not.  Here's hoping.