Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer 2015

Well, to be honest, it hasn't been too exciting around here.  I took a new job at our local grocery store, Ridley's, at the beginning of June.  I'm just cashiering and have been working between 24-30 hrs a week.  I work mostly nights which allows me to haul kids to all their various activities during the day time!  So far it's working out well.  It's been a good preschool income substitute and the main manager has been great to work with as far as my schedule goes.  The work isn't too tough and it's not far from home.  I'll be able to keep working there once preschool starts, I'll just have to cut back to weekends only.  Not super fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

The boys signed up for a few summer camps at their school.  The first two weeks of June they did a space camp and they had a ton of fun.  It's the 4th grade teachers that teach it and they really do a great job.  Last week they started paleontology and they will finish that up this week.  They didn't want to sign up for the Harry Potter camp so this is the last of their summer camps.  It's been lots of fun for them and I'm glad they've had the chance to participate in it!

Samantha has finished up the June Boot Camp and the Hip Hop and Lyrical mini camps.  She starts the July Boot Camp on July 6th.  I think she really likes her new studio and she seems to be making friends, so that's good.  Her very first YW Girl's Camp is coming up on July 14-16.  She's super excited to go.  I'm glad she likes her teachers so much.  She really seems to enjoy going to her activity nights, which makes me happy because she tells me the girls stare at her when she goes to church.  Granted, we don't go often and I'm sure they worry the church will catch fire when we walk in, but still.  Staring is rude.

Brooke is going to speech during the summer.  Her classes will continue longer than the boys.  She goes until nearly the end of July!  She really likes Miss Angie and loves going to speech twice a week.  She nearly beats me over the head with her homework folder daily because she's dying to get her homework done!  Let's hope that enthusiasm lasts her entire school career!

Sam and the boys are still going to piano.  They got to pick a piece of music that's a just for fun piece for summer.  Sam's chosen Mama Mia and Nash wanted to do the Batman theme.  I was looking through his book the other day and it seems he ended up going with a different song from the book we chose - the Batman theme must have been a bit more difficult than he's ready for.  They really are doing quite well with their lessons these days.  Nash has even written some of his own music.  That means both Sam & Nash have written their own music now.  They get that from their dad, NOT me!

I've started getting a few things ready for when school starts back up!  I've got 11 registered 4 yr olds and 3 registered 3 yr olds right now.  I am not worried about the 3 yo class filling up as it usually doesn't until the mid to end of July.  Good thing I raised my prices for this year I suppose!

I'm also still trying to sell the ItWorks products.  It hasn't taken off as quickly as I'd like it to, but it's a work in progress.  I do have a booth lined up for the 4th of July on the square in Hyrum.  I'm hoping to do well at that.  Even if I don't make my first million from ItWorks, I've found products I love and that make a difference for myself and my family so that's really what matters!

Travis comes home again on Wednesday night.  The kids are excited he gets to be home for the 4th of July this year - that's a rarity at our house.  We're planning to go to the fireworks show at the stadium again this year.  I was "lucky" enough to get an early shift at work so I'll be able to go as well. :)

So, nothing too exciting here, just daily life happening.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July!