Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just keep swimming....

Well, since my last post I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.  Travis FINALLY got the basement to where I could paint!  I was so glad to be rid of sheetrock dust for a day or two!!

We had a get together with some of the Muaghan family at my Uncle Darwin's house.  We managed to get a half way decent photo of my grandpa & all his boys!  Grandpa turned 86 this April and the last photo we have all him with his boys was probably at his 80th birthday party!

My kids have had MANY "movie nights".  They always fall asleep well before their movie is over.  Now that school starts in a few days I've banished them.  I seriously have no idea how my kids can sleep like this and not just hurt for a week after they wake up in the morning!

And the exciting news....
Yesterday after church we went out to Benson Marina with my in laws & Travis's brother's family.  The last time Travis took the kids out there with his parents Nash was learning how to knee board.  Yesterday they pulled him past me and he was not only knee boarding, but he had flipped the board around so he was facing backwards and was holding the rope behind him!  STINKER!  

And as if that wasn't enough....
He decided he wasn't going to let the water ski's get the best of him this time.  Last year he tried so hard to get up on the water ski's but couldn't quite do it.  Yesterday he managed to get up behind the jet ski!  At first Travis was in the water to help push him up.  After several attempts he was not only getting up and staying up, he was getting up without any help from his dad!  I told Travis he has to teach him to get up and ski on one before the kid can master the wake board!

 Uncle Chad with Brooke & Olivia.  The girls had so much fun "bobbing" with Uncle Chad!

I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of Nash up on the water ski's.  I was able to get this one of him after he was back in the water and decided he was done for the night.

After watching the crazy Nash, Brooke decided she too wants to knee board.  Travis asked the other kids, "Do you want to knee board?" and Brooke looks at him and pipes up, "I BOARD!"  Travis didn't hear her and asks the other kids, "Do you want to water ski?" and Brooke pipes up and says, "I SKI!"  I had to point it out to Travis before he heard her.  She sure thinks she's big & tricky!

Kash decided he couldn't let Nash show him up on the ski's so Travis helped Kash get up too.

I can't believe school starts in three days!  I'll have about a week and a half after the kids go back to get everything finalized for preschool.  The basement is painted and I'm waiting on Travis to put the lights up, trim out the doors/window & put the light switch covers on.  Then I can move everything down and set it up!  I won't have my wood floors yet - ran out of money.  We'll get them down as soon as we can though!  I will post pix of the basement once it's all set up and ready to go.  Then I get to go back to work at the kids' school the second week of September.  Should be a busy school year for all of us!