Monday, August 26, 2013

First day of school 2013

Holy cow the summer went by fast!  I think the kids are happy to be back in school.  I know they missed their friends and I'm certain they were starting to get sick of spending so much time together!

This year Nash is starting THIRD GRADE!  That means he's going to be learning multiplication and cursive.  We'll hit Cache Valley history again, the moon phases and much more.  Third grade has been my favorite grade to teach so I'm super excited for Nash this year.  His teacher is Mrs. Rowley - which is who both he & I wanted him to get.  Nash is also still going to piano one day a week.

Samantha is staring FIFTH GRADE this year!  Holy cow!  Last year of elementary school for this girl!  WOW!  That went way, way, WAY too fast for this mom!  Fifth grade means state reports, trading teachers for different subjects, her last shot at the Wellsville Mile, the DWA (direct writing assessment - BIG deal), the Maturation program (I'm SO not ready for that!) and debate in my class!  Samantha's teachers are Mrs. Lockhart & Mrs. Hall.  She had Mrs. Hall for second grade so she was excited for a familiar face.  She also gets to see Mr. Hawkes for science and Mrs. Williamson for social studies.  At back to school night her teachers said they should really call fifth grade "Sixth grade prep."  So true!  Sam is still doing competitive dance (year four).  She's dancing twice a week still and then going to piano one day a week.  She was excited to find out they moved activity days to Wednesday evenings.  This means she can finally start going!  She's more excited about that than anything else I think!

And Caleb goes to KINDERGARTEN this year!  It dawned on me the other day that Caleb will be the same age that Nash is now when Brooke goes to Kindergarten.  That seems like 100 years away, but I know it's really just around the corner!  Caleb has Mrs. C. Kendrick  for a teacher.  She is a lot of fun and I think she will be able to keep up to Caleb's creativity & mischievousness!  He is in afternoon Kindergarten so he will be doing preschool with mom every morning too.  Not sure if he's too excited about that part or not. 

As for me, I will be doing preschool five mornings a week!  Two days a week I will also be at the kids' school working as the SEM teacher (gifted/talented).  Travis has given me all kinds of grief by telling me, "Heaven forbid you have 20 seconds of peace and quiet that you don't have something you have to do!"  I'm pretty sure I'd find something to fill that 20 seconds though!  I'm really excited to start preschool.  I am having my open house on Thursday and Friday this week and the kids will start the day after Labor Day.  I have 11 three year olds and 7 four year olds (Plus Caleb in each class)!  Should be interesting if nothing else!