Thursday, September 20, 2012

So many things to do & so little time to do it

You know, there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that I'd like to get done!  It doesn't matter if I'm completely productive  for an entire day either - I still need about five more hours in a day!
For example; today I dropped kids off at school and daycare and then went to work.  Found out my fourth graders were going on a field trip and I'd have a 2 1/2 hour break between groups.  When I finished with my first group I clocked out and went home.  I got several things done at home and then went back to work.  After work I went back to daycare to get kids and stayed to chat with Laura for awhile because Brookelyn was sleeping.  Then I went and picked kids up from school, went out to Cache Valley Specialty Hospital for allergy shots and ended up waiting to see the ENT as well (The good news is Brookelyn's one functioning tube is still in place.  The bad news, it's blocked.  SERIOUSLY!  I just can't win here.).  After allergy shots we booked it to dance class and dropped off Sam.  After dropping of Sam I took the other three kids to the park to play while we waited for Sam.  We went back and picked up Sam, headed back to Hyrum, dropped off an Usborne catalog, and came home.  I had dinner in the crock pot so I finished getting that read while Brookelyn made a mess out of anything she touched.  Put Brookelyn & Caleb in the tub while me and the other two kids at dinner.  Got the two little kids out of the tub, dressed & medicine-d Brookelyn & sent her off to bed.  Then it was a battle to clean up dinner, get piano done (doesn't help with Sam doesn't tell me she's misplaced her theory book for an entire month & now she's pages and pages behind!), get kids in the shower & off to bed.  While kids were doing piano & getting their showers, I started in on pears.  After I thought I had them all in bed I changed my clothes and before I knew it Caleb was back upstairs procrastinating about going back to bed.  He is the master at this skill.  Then my mom stopped because I asked her to swing by on the way home from work and look at Caleb's latest battle wound.  She was here for about 20 minutes or so.  And now, it's 10:40 and I'm finally catching up the blog.  I still have three Halloween costumes cut out that have yet to get any farther and an obscene amount of pears to deal with.  Good thing I have the next three days off work, right?  Some days I seriously wonder what the heck I was thinking when I decided it was a good idea to take on the day!

See what I mean about Brookelyn making a mess of everything she touches?  Apparently she does like yogurt, she just doesn't like me feeding it to her OR using a spoon! 

See the nice red streak from under the eye to his mouth?  With the awesome help of his big brother his face met the floor at the ENT's office.  Man was that a visit and a half!  The poor PA that we saw!  She's quite pregnant and says to me, "You are one patient woman."  I told her "That or crazy.  I'm leaning a bit toward crazy."  She laughed.  Oh if she only really knew!  She knows our ENT woes, but seriously, if she only knew!

I mentioned pears, right?  We have an OBSCENE amount of pears again this year.  Our tree is amazing!  We've given away 2 five gallon buckets and I've taken a grocery bag full to three of my four schools.  I've got a batch in the dehydrator and this is what I still have to deal with!  I'm planning to try and can tomorrow but I usually only get 10 qts done and then I can't stand the sight of them anymore!  If anyone wants pears, PLEASE take all you want!

The first ever attempt at drying pears in the dehydrator we got for Christmas last year.  I put cinnamon and sugar on them because Travis likes that on the apples.  My sister said her mother in law also puts sea salt on them and leaves some plain and then mixes all three in a bag together.  I need to get some sea salt.

I've got all four trays in the dehydrator filled and going.  I figured I'd get a batch going tonight (why, I have no idea) so that when Travis is getting ready to go hunting he'll have some to take with (he comes home Sunday and leaves to go hunting on Tuesday.  He'll be gone until the weekend and then come home again until Thursday the 4th and then he'll leave again until probably Saturday.  Then he'll come home and get ready to go back to work for two weeks.  Yep, hunting widow.)

Well, since I can't cut any more pears to put on drying racks and no way am I going to start the canning process at 11 pm, I guess I'll go read my book.  I really should sew, but I haven't been to see the chiropractor in way too long and if I sit too long my back and neck start to really  hurt.  Good times!  I will get those costumes done.  I still have almost a month!  Yes, I work better with a deadline, ok!