Monday, February 15, 2016


Can I just say that I'm not a fan of the snow?  It can go away any time.  No joke, the snow piles along the sides of the road are a good 3+ feet deep.  We haven't had this much snow for a few years.  It was fun at first but this mama is over it!  Good thing all the kids got snow stuff for Christmas so they can make good use of it all!

Since my last post I've decided not to put in for the sixth grade teaching position.  Why?  Simply, I don't feel that at this time I have the support I would need in order to do a good job.  That's ok.  I'm perfectly happy running my own preschool and being my own boss.  When I was in high school owning my own preschool was my dream.  Here I am living it!  I did find out in talking to another lady the other day that in a few years (when all the neighborhood non profit homes are built next to the school) that there will be some openings for the lower grades.  So, even though I'm not applying now, there will be new opportunities in the near future.

Since I'm not applying for the open sixth grade position, I've begun preschool registration.  It always gives me a little anxiety when I try to figure out a schedule.  For this next year I've decided I will only teach one four year old and one three year old class (I know, I said that last year but this year I intend to stick to it!).  I've decided to just teach Tue-Thursday.  I'll put the three year old's in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday and the four year old's in the afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This means I have all Mondays and Fridays off and won't need to teach until 12:30 on Wednesdays.  It also leaves me an hour gap on Tuesdays and Thursday to get B to or from Kindergarten (that was my biggest stress).  I've already got three kids registered and haven't opened up registration to the public yet.  I'm only putting 10 kids in each class so I anticipate that I'll fill up soon.  The good news is that since Nikki is starting her own preschool this year I can refer all my overflow to her!

We got our taxes all turned in and done.  The bad news was that Halliburton didn't take out ANY taxes for the state of UT for the ENTIRE year last year.  This made me an upset lady.  It meant that at first look we owed the state of UT about $3K.  Did I mention I was an angry lady?  Since our tax lady is amazing, she did her magic and managed to get us a decent federal return which we can use to pay the state and still have some left over.  Travis got an earful about calling HR first thing Tuesday in order to straighten it out so we aren't in the same boat next year!

Speaking of Travis, even though he's 2000 miles away he still managed to pull off Valentine's Day.  Without my knowing anything about it he went and bought myself and the kids valentine gifts and hid them in the house.  He called via Tango today and led the kids on a hot/cold chase until they found their gifts.  They were pretty excited to say the least (mom was an epic fail and hadn't produced anything yet).

We celebrated Sam's birthday while Travis was home.  She started out wanting FIVE birthday cakes.  That's right, FIVE.  And I entertained the idea.  I ended up only making three but that was more than her dad felt she needed.  Good thing I like her.  They were fairly simple so it wasn't a big deal.  She got to open her envelope that told her we're going to NYC in June.  She about had an aneurysm.  It was pretty funny to watch her be so excited.  Her grandma and grandpa Bown gave her new PURPLE luggage.  She now has nicer and newer luggage than I do!  Grandma Terri gave her her porcelain number doll that she gets every year.  She got a new purse from Bradshaws that she loves and I'm SURE will be making a trip to NYC with her.  I can't believe the kid is 13 (or will be on Friday).  She sure keeps me on my toes and makes me feel old on a regular basis.  Can't wait til she has one do the same to her so I can sit back and smile!  I will say that I can't wait for her to have her sweet 16.  Why?  Because I will FINALLY get my life back once she can drive herself and her sister to dance lessons!  I'm even willing to pay the gas for it!  She sure is a fun girl though.  She made her own valentine cards this year.  She gave Grandma Terri one that says "I don't think you're terrible."  She had an original one for each of her friends.  Mine says "Thanks for putting up with me."  She gave one to one of her brothers that said, "You're my favorite pain in the butt."  What a kid.  She has some Reeder blood in her for sure!  She's also super kind and thoughtful of everyone around her.  She's always trying to do something for someone or help this friend or that out.  She loves going to her Young Women activities and she was even made a counselor!  I can't wait to see what this girl becomes!

 Number doll from Grandma Terri

 New purse (above) and luggage (below)