Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun in the leaves

This week Travis has been home.  Brookelyn was suppose to get her two new tubes in each ear on Thursday.  Travis took her into the hospital & I had told him to call me when she was done.  He called about 45 minutes after he left.  Come to find out, Dr. Blotter didn't feel like her lungs sounded good enough to put her under anesthesia.  He was worried that if he put her under something might happen and she might not come out of it.  Better safe than sorry.  So, no new tubes yet.  I did call his office and reschedule the surgery for this coming Wednesday (so I won't have to miss work but it will be a long Thanksgiving break for little sister).  On the bright side, since she didn't have tubes, she was happy & feeling good enough to go outside and play in the leaves with her dad & brothers the other day.  This was the first time she's every played in the leaves.  Brookelyn loved every second of it too!

She never did actually jump into the pile herself.  Rather, her dad tossed her into the pile every time she went in!

She sure adores this brother.

What you could see of Nash after he did a head dive into the pile!

Travis showing Nash how to do a really good head dive into the pile!

Nash burying Brookelyn with more leaves!

And in other news, the resin on Nash's tooth has completely chipped off.  Friday morning he woke up and it had split in half down the center and one half chipped off.  By today (Sunday) there is only a tiny bump of the original resin left on his front tooth.  The good news however, is that when he bites down his top teeth sit on top of his bottom teeth now!  He has another dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon so we'll see how that goes.  I did call and make an appointment with an orthodontist on Friday (Dr. Guymon).  His appointment isn't until Dec. 6th, but I figure we may as well get it scheduled and get an opinion because the kid is going to need braces eventually!  And, he got me to pull a loose tooth out tonight.  He's been wiggling it for a few days.  I felt like it had quite a bit of root left on it still but he was determined that sucker was coming out today!  Once we got it out I looked at it and I was right, there was still quite a bit of root left on it!  I'm just glad he isn't a complete wuss like his sister!

Travis is headed back to work at about 4 am.  He did call and get some information about a new job prospect.  He would be driving a gas & diesel truck all over the Wasatch Front.  He would work five days on and have four days off.  He would have to start out on a night shift and stay there for who knows how long.  It pays about a dollar an hour less than what he makes now.  They do offer insurance and it's suppose to be a good package (no idea who it's through or how long he has to work until it would be effective though).  He's going to call again and see if he can interview next time he's home and then possibly start training (two weeks of training).  If he can break the training up he'd do some of it the next time he comes home then go back for one more shift with Halliburton to give them his two weeks and then come home and start that job.  I'm not excited about the idea of him working nights, but he would be home every day and there is the possibility of moving to days eventually.  I hope that this job works out because it would be really nice for our family to have him home more often.  I know he's ready for it and so are the kids.  To say it will be an adjustment for me is putting it mildly!

And, in other exciting news...we took the whole family to church today and Brookelyn got to go to nursery for the first time!  Yay!  I've been counting down for at least two months!  Relief Society was so quite today that it was a little weird!  They said she did great and that "She even knows how to share!"  I credit daycare for her knowing how to share!  I was really lucky with getting out of there too.  I took her in, found her the kitchen toys & got her playing so she was side tracked and slipped out.  They didn't have to come find me once!  After church was over I walked out into the foyer to find her running around by her dad and giving him high fives.  Apparently she liked nursery as much as mom liked her going!