Saturday, September 29, 2012

USU Homecoming Parade 2012

Last night this is where I found Caleb:
Yep, pjs & shoes.  And yes, he's asleep (totally out cold) under the foot rest of the couch).

This morning was the USU homecoming parade.  Sam was there bright and early to get her spot on the trailer.  She informed me on the way there that when she's in 6th grade she gets to dance behind the trailer for the entire parade.  What?!  That's only 2 years away.  I'm so not ready for this (not the dancing in the streets part, the growing up & going to be in sixth grade part).

We had a good 20 minute wait for the parade to hit us (we were in front of Angie's).  Poor Caleb.  He was so patient to wait but was so, so bored.  He kept being semi naughty.  By the time Sam's float went through he was DONE with the parade.

This little girl loves her some parade!  She was waving to everyone that went by and every time there was music she got her groove on.

Waiting to get candy.  The candy throwing in this parade is quite ridiculous.  Seriously, people would throw one, ONE tootsie roll to the group of like 9 kids that was standing in front of us.

Little sister has a killer tractor lip!  She was pouting because I didn't give her all the tootsie rolls in my pocket so she was pouting.

The first trailer (Sam's on this one).

Sam was sitting right next to the cab.  When I left her at the drop off she was facing the same side of the road I was on.  When she drove by she was facing the other side of the road!  Dang kid!

The big girls dancing behind the trailer (most of the girls that were in her class last year went up to the next class so they are the ones walking).

The second trailer full of girls

I love the dads that ran right up to the trailer and snapped pix of their girls.  Made me smile.

The boys (Tumbling Tigers)

This was Caleb by the time Sam's float went by.  Laying on the ground and playing with pebbles!