Friday, September 20, 2013

Nash earns his Bobcat

Last night was pack meeting.  Since my phone fell in the toilet earlier this week I hadn't received any msgs about what time pack meeting was.  Therefore I assumed it was still going to be held at the normal 7 pm.  We got there just after 7 and they were doing awards.  Apparently they started at 6 so they could shoot the rockets they had the boys build.  I felt so bad when I realized that!  On the bright side, Nash finally got his bobcat badge.  He also got his archery and BB belt loop from day camp.  He was pretty excited.  Proud of my boy!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nash's new injury

So this past Saturday we went and had family pictures taken with Travis's family.  We went to a place called Denzil Nature Park down on the island.  We were in the nature park for the majority of our pictures but there was an old building across the street we wanted to get a few in front of as well.  Next to this building was a giant dirt and rock pile.  Of course all the kids wanted to play on it.  We told them when we were done with our pictures they could climb on it.  So, once our pictures were done off they went.
When we got in the truck to leave Nash started complaining about his foot hurting.  I was mean and told him to suck it up he was fine.  I figured he was just getting tired and that it was from that.  When we got to Travis's parents' house he went off and played with his cousins so I figured he was fine.  We left the park around five and by eight Nash was sitting down with his shoe off and not moving his foot.  The poor kid was nearly in tears.  I couldn't see it swollen anywhere and it didn't look bruised.  I couldn't quite figure out what it was that had happened to it.  I wasn't sure if he was trying to tell me a rock fell on it or he jumped on a rock or what.  He said he couldn't feel his toes and that it was killing him.  We left my in laws house around ten or so and headed home.  When we got home we propped his foot up and put an ice pack on it and left him sleeping on the couch.  I was starting to worry maybe he had broken his foot.  The thing that kept me doubting was that he'd been walking on it earlier and that it wasn't swollen anywhere.
I woke up Sunday and asked Nash if he could put weight on his foot.  He tried and sat back down immediately.  So, we went off to Instacare to have it checked out.  Since it was just after eight there wasn't too long of a wait (amazing!).  We told them what had happened and they sent him off for x rays.  The x ray tech didn't come in until noon so we only had the dr. to read the x rays.  She said that everything looked okay bone wise - nothing broken.  She could see some swelling in the tissue though.  She said she thought it looked like it was just going to be a soft tissue bruise but if the x ray tech saw something different she would call us and let us know.  She told Nash to keep his foot up and iced for the day and that would help it feel better.
Of course he only lasted about an hour sitting on the couch!  He was up walking around all day (limping of course).  When I noticed he was walking on the side of his foot I told him he hadn't ought to walk that way or his foot will be bruised there too!  When I showed him how to walk on just his heel he about doubled over because he said that walking that way made him bend his toes and it's the base of his third and fourth toe that are killing.  About dinner time I noticed I could see the top of his foot swelling and starting to bruise.  We iced it again last night.  This morning he told me it hurt too bad that he couldn't go to school.  I was exasperated and said fine you're on your bed with your foot up and iced the entire time I'm teaching preschool.  Well, needless to say, the kid was in the hallway and sitting up playing legos in his room.  When I came in and chewed him out for the second time I think that's when he escaped.  After preschool was over I went to find him to tell him to get shoes on I was taking him to school.  He wasn't in his room.  No, he had gone out the bedroom window, up the window well (they are six feet deep) and climbed the giant maple in the b