Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Act of Kindness #5

I've decided it may take us a month to reach all 26 acts of kindness, but that's ok, we'll get it done eventually!

Tonight Travis left home to head back to work.  He left at about 8 pm.  Around 9:45 pm I got a phone call from him.  As I answered the phone I wondered what he could have possibly left behind.

Turns out, he had just reached Bear Lake.  As he was coming through the canyon, he came upon an over turned car.  He said he felt like he just couldn't pass the three girls that were sitting there and not help them.  He pulled over and went over to them.  I guess there was a guy in a semi there too.  Travis asked him if he was ok & if someone had headed down to call 911.  The guy just shook his head yes.  Travis said the guy didn't say a single word the entire time he was there.  Travis said he never did find out exactly what happened but all 3 of the girls that had been in that car were completely shaken up.  He told them they could sit in his truck while they waited for the ambulance and cops to show up.

I can't imagine how scared those girls were!  He said they were in their early 20's or so.  I know that I'd have been terrified if that was me!  Travis said he told them they were all lucky none of them were hurt.  They must have all had a seat belt on is all I can figure.  That, or they have something incredibly important left to do here.

I'm glad the girls were ok and that no one was seriously injured.  I'm also glad Travis happened to go through right then.  If nothing else it gave them a warm spot to sit while they waited for the emergency personnel to show up.  Good job Travis! :)

Hello 2013!

Dear 2013,
This year we have many things we are looking forward to!  We are excited you are finally here and we can get started!

-Has inquired about becoming an engineer at work.  This would mean a change from hourly pay to salary.  It would also mean a 12 week trip to Houston for training. :(
-Hunting with Nash & Caleb in the fall.
-Perhaps going to his 15 year high school reunion.

-Trying to decide whether to go back to teaching full time, stay where I am, or quit working and stay home.  That will all depend on what happens with Travis's job though.
-Learning to crochet.
-Finishing the levi quit I started for my mom 2 years ago!  I got the top done!  We just need to buy batting, tie it & bind it!
-Finishing the T shirt quilt I've been working on since April 2012!
-Walking more laps at Relay this year than last year.
-Matching my Relay fundraising total from last year ($1500ish).
-Paying off the Specialty Hospital bill & NO ONE ELSE having ear surgery!  Or any other surgery for that matter!
-Becoming a Cricket expert!
-Learning to do digital scrapbooking.
-Turning the blog into a book(s) and get it printed.  I already have 2008 & 2009 done and ready to print.  Just waiting for a good deal to come through!
-Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary!

-Turning TEN!
-Participating in her first Wellsville Mile.
-Beginning FIFTH GRADE in the fall.  (Mom's hoping this also means no more recorder practice for school!)
-Possibly moving up a level in piano.
-Swimming lessons for a second year.
-Hitting the one year mark for allergy shots in June!  This means she'll get to go from shots once a week to shots once a month.
-Scrapbooking (I set up a spot for her to do it in the basement.  I'm hoping I can 1-keep the boys & B out of it 2-get some of my own done and 3-not create a scrapbook monster!)

-Turing EIGHT & getting baptized!
-Hunting with dad and the boys in the fall.
-Shooting his new BB gun.
-Beginning THIRD GRADE in the fall.  (Look out cursive, here we come!)
-Possibly moving up a level in piano.
-Swimming lessons for a second year.
-Hitting the one year mark for allergy shots in September!  This means he'll get to go from shots once a week to shots once a month.

-Turning FIVE!
-Beginning KINDERGARTEN in the fall.  We are very sad that we will have to leave Miss Shannon behind.
-Going hunting with dad and the boys for the FIRST time.
-Maybe getting his first loose tooth (he's been pretending he's had one for at least 2 years now!).
-Swimming lessons for a second year.
-Possibly doing craft camp with Miss Shannon this summer.

-Turning TWO!  Mom already calls her "The Tiny Terror."  Sam & her brothers call her "Monster."  Everyone calls her "Trouble."
-Possibly doing craft camp with Miss Shannon this summer.
-An adventure in potty training.  Sister is allergic to something in the diapers.  We've bought panties to put over her diaper to give her another layer she has to peel off before she can be naked.  It's slowed her down a little. :)

2013 is sure to be an adventure.  Life never is dull around here for too long.  Here's to making the most of what we've got while we've got it!