Thursday, May 22, 2014

Brooke's Allergy Test Results

Well, it's really no surprise over here that sister is allergic to.....pretty much everything.  She is by far the worst one of the bunch!  Caleb was only food allergies.  Sam & Nash were a mix of the two.  Brooke, well, she reacted to nearly every food (21/30) and nearly every airborne allergen (15/26) they stuck her with.  Poor baby.  Not sure what they're going to do.  The thing I thought was weird was that her milk allergy only registered a four.  Corn and lettuce registered at a SEVEN.  Yes, corn and LETTUCE.  Who the heck is allergic to lettuce?  Oh, right, Caleb and Brooke!  That's who!  Was I really surprised by this?  Actually, yes.
The foods that this poor girl is allergic to are cows milk, egg yolk, egg white, almond, yeast, lettuce, corn, wheat, rye, banana, beef, cacao bean, carrot, green pepper, honeydew, lettuce, oat, onion, pork, rice, strawberry, tomato and whole wheat.  Wondering what kind of milk that leaves for her to drink?  Maybe goat milk?  Soy has almond in it.

Her airborne allergens are aspen, birch, box elder, elm, juniper, alfalfa, bermuda, rye, grain, cocklebur, pigweed, plantain, mucor (mold), penicillium and cat.

Good thing we go see that immunologist next Tuesday.  Meanwhile we scheduled a follow up with Dr. Blotter for Friday May 30.  I'm willing to place money on him wanting to do allergy shots.  This means we are back to weekly visits.  And I was so happy to have both the big kids on every other week finally.  Oy!

Here's to hoping that when we go see the dentist and the orthodontist on June 4 we get some good news rather than "you have 3 kids who need braces and btw they have cavities that need fixed first."  The joys of motherhood!