Friday, September 28, 2012

These crazy kids....

Little sister is loving her big girl bed.  Mom however is still having a hard time dealing with the fact that the baby is no longer a baby!  Each night I go in to check on her before I go to bed.  I find her like this without fail:

 Every time I find her on the very edge of her bed I pick her up and scoot her over.  Not five seconds later she scoots right back where she was!  Little stinker!  Luckily she's only fallen out of her bed once (that's I have heard).

Dad came home on Sunday to get ready for deer hunting.  It's rough for sister when dad babysits:
 The brothers told me she got these battle wounds by falling off the trike.  Their dad disputes that and says these ones arrived because he watched her and I quote "nose dive off the front porch".  He admits she did fall off the trike.  She has a bruise on her lower back to prove it too.  The day after I took this picture she ended up with quite a nice looking scraped knee as well.  I'm afraid she's as accident prone as her brothers and dad!

The other night we went down to Grandma Terri & Grandpa Larry's house so Grandpa could help Sam finish up her boat for the Raingutter Regatta.  Cousin Sunny was visiting with Grandma when we got there.  Sister is not so sure she knows quite what to think of cousin Sunny.  When we are at their house Sunny is quite possessive of her things and kinda puts the smack down on B.  When we are at Grandma's house B gets pretty possessive though and kinda puts the smack down on Sunny.  Grandma and both moms get a pretty good laugh out of it!

I managed to help Sam get her boat painted.  When we went to put the keel and rudder in there weren't any grooves in the bottom of the hull like the directions claimed there were.  That's why we had to take it to Grandpa.  Good thing he was scoutmaster for so many years!  Grandpa's comment to me was "I thought I got rid of all these projects when I got rid of you and your sister."  Oh dad, little do you know....

Sam with her finished boat:

Sam's boat got Most Futuristic.  Not sure how they came up with that since it was just all red, but hey.  Sounded like she had a good time.  It wasn't until I read her certificate a few times that I noticed the error.  Can you see it?

On Thursday night my brother watched Brookelyn and Caleb while I went to craft night (so needed!).  When I got home I cut Zack's hair again (shaved it down to an inch).  Caleb decided he needed a hair cut and since I hadn't taken him to "that place we go to cut my hair with that girl we like" he decided that we needed to shave his head too.  I made sure to tell him that once I started it I couldn't stop and that we couldn't put the hair back on his head.  He said he was ok with that so we got him ready:

And shaved his head (to an inch long).  I haven't shaved this kid's head in a long, long time.  I think he likes it and it makes him look quite a bit older.  Not sure that makes me happy!

 This morning when I got up and went in to wake Sam up for school I realized B wasn't in her  bed.  I knew she had woken up at midnight when I went to check on her before I went to bed.  But I didn't remember hear her getting out of bed after that.  I kinda freaked out because I couldn't hear her up and moving around.  I walked out into the living room and found her like this:

This summer the kids did the Governor's reading program.  Today their certificates of completion arrived.  They also got coupons for free kids meals from Chuck a rama, McD's and AppleBee's.  Fun!

We got school pictures back this week too.  I can't believe how old my kids are getting!  I am not ok with this!

I know this picture is kind of gross, but I laughed so hard.  Sister had been fighting a nap all day long.  We had been back and forth to Logan once already and were on our way home from our second trip.  Sam and Caleb were hungry and I knew B was too.  I stopped and got them kid meals to eat on the way home.  Sam was sitting next to B and was feeding her fries and chicken nuggets every few minutes.  Not too long before we got home I asked Sam if B needed another nugget and she tells me "No, she's asleep."  I looked back and could see she still had nugget in her mouth!  That little girl was SO tired she fell asleep sitting up right eating a chicken nugget!  When we got home and I got her out of her car seat she kind of woke up.  She thought she still had a nugget in her hand and kept trying to eat it!  Too funny.

This week I also went back to see the Rheumatologist.  I haven't seen him since my first appointment in May.  I've been taking the Plaquenil that made me break out in a horrible rash but it really hasn't helped much.  When I went back the dr. said he felt like all my symptoms were consistent with Rheumatoid Arthritis but my blood work I had done in the spring had turned up a negative RA marker.  My mom and grandma are also negative on the RA marker.  He ended up doing an ultrasound on my left hand.  I had been so bad the day before that I spent, literally, the entire day in bed (seriously, until 5 pm).  Putting a blanket on top of me hurt even.  The day I had my appointment I was doing a little better (I had been able to walk and drive so I could go to work) but I was still in a lot of pain.  The decision he came to was this: go off the Plaquenil and begin taking Methotrexate.  Methotrexate is a cancer/chemo drug.  In high doses it has many bad side effects.  In small doses the side effects tend to just be nausea the day after you take the pill.  He is starting me on one pill a week.  Each week I will add another pill.  In a month I will go back and see him.  In conjunction with the Methotrexate I will take Folic Acid to try and counter the side effects of the Methotrexate.  I had to have blood work done to check my liver because the Methotrexate can damage your liver.  I worry that I'm just one step behind my mom.  My mom started the Methotrexate this spring and it didn't help her.  She's now beginning a weekly shot in addition to the Methotrexate and her Methotrexate dose is 6 pills a week.  I guess we'll just cross our fingers and wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile Travis and Nash left to go deer hunting on Wednesday.  Last night I got a text telling me they had killed two deer and a four wheeler.  Uncle Glade and Uncle Robbie killed the deer and Travis killed the four wheeler.  Why am I not surprised by this?