Thursday, February 21, 2013

Act of Kindness #14

The kids' school is doing a fundraiser for the Humane Society.  Sam asked if we could send some donations.  We went through Charlotte's stuff and found some things that we could donate.  Here's to making a puppy or kitty happy!

Mystery Object

Not sure which kid is going to finally do me in, but I'm getting closer to the edge every single day!  Today was Nash's turn.  I took all four kids to the ENT (basically because I knew I wouldn't have time to go back to Hyrum to get them & get to dance class on time).  Generally speaking I love my ENT.  The office visits, however, leave much to be desired simply because it is almost always a minimum of an hour and a half and sometimes as long as 3 hours (not exaggerating).  Today we were going to see Lindsey (the PA) for a follow up on Nash's allergy shots.  He just recently finished his first vial so we had to make sure nothing needed to be changed.  After we talked about allergy shots she asked if I had any questions or concerns.  I told her we had been at InstaCare on Friday and that Nash had had a really bad ear infection and wanted to know if she could please check it to be sure all looked well.  She checked his right ear and it looked great.  
She looks in the left ear and says, "Um..I think there's something in there."  
Me: "Something like a tube or something like a mystery object?"
Lindsey: "Something like a mystery object."
Awesome.  She gets out her microscope thing so she can see a little better.  She tells Nash she's going to gently poke to see if she can see what's going on and to let her know if she hurts him.  Nash of course proceeds to say "OW!" about ten times.  She got her tweezers and told Nash she was going to try & get whatever it was that was in there.  A few seconds later out comes this:

Me: "Nash!  What the hell have you been putting in your ears?!"
Nash: "I don't know what that is!  I haven't put anything in my ear!"

This thing is the size of a pencil eraser and squishy/foamy.I'm thinking art class?  And then Lindsey says, "I have some more good news for you."
Me: "Crap.  What?"
Lindsey: "It looks like the tube is behind the ear drum and the ear drum has healed up."
Me: "Again?!  Are you serious?!"
I got a sympathetic look.  "You were the one that figured it was behind the drum last time!  Dr. Blotter said he'd only had that happen once in his career!  That's been less than a year ago!"

Lindsey wanted to do a pressure test to make sure the pressure behind his ear drum was in an ok range.  The test was quick and painless.  The pressure is fine.  Lindsey: "So, when do you want to schedule to take it out?"
Me: "What does taking it out involve?"
Lindsey: "Surgery."
Me: Big. Fat. Sigh.  "I guess lets schedule for next week when his dad is home if we can."
Lindsey: "I guess the real question is, do you want to put another one?"
Me: "You mean lucky number 16?"
Lindsey: "Seriously?  That many?  I knew you'd had a lot."
Me: "Yes.  15 sets of tubes, 4 adenoids & 3 tonsils."
Lindsey: "Wow."
You know it's bad when the PA is amazed at your stats.

So, we have scheduled surgery for next Thursday (Feb. 28).  At least I won't have to miss work because Travis will be home.  I talked to Travis and I think we are in agreement - don't put another one in.  This one was in for less than a year.  I don't want to go in and take another one out in six months.  I'd like to be medical debt free sometime in the near future!  You know, like before the kids graduate, move out, get married or I die!