Saturday, April 29, 2017

Samantha keeps us worried

It's been 2 whole weeks since Sam started not feeling well.
She's missed 26 hours of dance class and 10 days of school.
She's slept an insane amount of hours.
She spends her days curled up in the fetal position whether she's awake or asleep.
She's noticed that when she eats food with wheat in it her stomach hurts worse and longer than if she eats things without wheat.
She has a headache most of the time she's awake.
She talks about going back to bed and how tired she is the majority of the time she's awake.  She can't seem to stay awake longer than 8-10 hours at a time.
She has perpetual body aches and pains.

We've been to the pediatrician twice - he's consulted with another pediatrician in the office.
Completed a 5 day z pack and filled a prescription for abdominal migraine medication which she takes once a night.
Had labs runs twice.  Iron - normal.  Mono - negative.  Thyroid simulator - normal range but low end (54).  Celiac panel - normal range (0-3 range with her score being 1).  Thyroid hormone - normal (low is 68 and normal high is in the 400s.  Her score is about 93 so still on the low end.)  White blood cell count - normal.
Called and spoke with the pediatrician 4 times.
Visited the chiropractor - where we received the suggestion to check for Celiac
Made an appointment with the ENT to further investigate the thyroid (it's two weeks out or I cancel preschool to take her).
Made an appointment at the Wellness Clinic (also two weeks out for the same reason as the ENT). I've put in a request for a referral to a GI.  I was told that the GI's in town don't want to take pediatric patients unless they are the size of an adult.  When I said she's 125 lbs, almost 5'8" and 14 years old I was told "They MIGHT take her."  If none of them will take her it will be a trip to Primary Children's hospital and that will likely be a good 6 weeks out.

And now, our pediatrician is on vacation for a week.

The day after Sam took the abdominal migraine meds the first time I called and spoke with the pediatrician because she seemed worse than the day prior (think fetal position at the top of the stairs and telling me it hurt to breathe).  The pediatrician told me that if she was hurting that much and in that much pain that I should take her to the ER because they can do tests and get results back faster than if he orders them.  I've been thinking about that since he said it.  At this point, the pediatrician isn't helping.  I can't spend another two plus weeks waiting for her to be seen by doctors.  If I can't get her to school Monday I'm going to have to put her on the home bound program.  I already opted her out of the remainder of Sage testing so she wasn't stressing out about making that all up when she goes back to school.I honestly don't know what else to do for her.  When I spoke with the nurse on the phone Thursday (that's the dr's day off) she seemed worried about Sam too.  Today she called me back to tell me she didn't realize the pediatrician was on vacation.  She asked about Sam and what our game plan was.  She told me she's been thinking about Sam since she spoke with me yesterday morning and has been worried about her.  She told me she thinks our best bet is the ER too because if nothing else maybe we can get in to see another doctor sooner.  At this point, I'll try anything.

Tomorrow, we go to the ER.