Monday, April 1, 2013


Apparently since getting my new phone in February I've become a photo taking slacker when it comes to my camera!  I've been taking them on my phone and posting them to facebook but I haven't been taking them on my camera anywhere near as often.  New goal: take pictures on my phone AND my camera!
These first few are from earlier in March:
Little sister got ahold of Sam's pink chap stick and proceeded to put it on herself!

She then found the hand sanitizer and proceeded to use that by herself too.  At least her pants were very germ free!
Whenever we get a moment of sunshine the kids run outside as fast as they can.  The big kids both have flat tires on their bikes.  So, they've resorted to other forms of making Little Sister think she's bigger than her britches!

Easter snuck up on me way, way too fast this year (big surprise, it always does!).  We got to dye eggs while Travis was home.  Fun.  Travis hasn't been home for Easter since he started working at Halliburton in February 2009.

I attempted a few different things I'd seen on Pinterest.  One idea I tried was using Kool-aide.  That was different.  Turned out better than I thought it would (not pictured).  I also put some oil in some of the dye.  I used what the directions I found on Pinterest said and it was way too much oil.  Note to self use like a teaspoon!
I opted to stay home for Easter this year rather than go to Manti.  I hate making the trek without Travis.  Plus, Nash had been sick earlier in the week and Brooke was acting like she wasn't feeling too hot.  We went out to Paradise on Saturday morning for their Easter Egg Hunt.  That was lots of fun.  I think the kids' favorite part was the chicken and the bunny races!
Brooke found 3 eggs in the 0-2 hunt but didn't win any extra prizes.  That's ok because she was perfectly content to sick and suck on her dyed egg!

I realized after the fact that I had 8 chances for my children to catch either a chicken, a bunny, or both and bring home by allowing them to do the chicken and bunny races.  I'm really glad no one caught either one!  Brooke got kinda close a time or two though!
Travis was able to come home on Saturday afternoon.  This is the first Easter since 2009 that he's been home to celebrate with us.  The kids were ecstatic (I was pretty happy too).
On Sunday we went out to my parents' house for dinner, an egg hunt and egg knocking.  Egg knocking?  Well, it's a random Bown tradition.  Everyone gets a hard boiled egg and you match up with someone and knock your eggs together.  If your egg breaks you're out.  If your egg doesn't break you move to the next round.  You keep going until there is only one person whose egg isn't broken.  Winner gets $10.  My kids love egg knocking.
Brooke was full of attitude in her cute levi dress and new shades.  She did NOT want to share the jeep.  She's actually opening the door for Caleb and telling him "Get out!"

 My mom hid 64 candy filled eggs for the kids.  They each got to find 8.  They loved every single second of it.

After our egg hunt and egg knocking we had a yummy dinner.  Then we sat around and visited until 9 pm!  That was nice.  We haven't done that since Christmas Eve!  Much less stress for this holiday than that holiday!  The weather was beautiful and we had a fire in the fire pit.  So fun.  The kids roasted the first s'mores of the season too.  Nash mentioned a week ago he's ready to have Grandma Terri bust out her swimming pool.  I told him that would likely have to wait a day or two!  They did ask me on Sunday if they could run through the sprinklers (It was a toasty 66!)  Before we went to my parents' house we worked outside a bit on the yard - I got sunburned!

In the middle of the night Sunday Brooke woke up after throwing up all over herself and her bed.  She also had a raging fever.  Made me extra glad we hadn't gone to Manti. Travis had to leave at about four am today.  We are bummed but he'll only be gone one more week and then he'll be home!

It rained today so that was kind of a bummer way to start Spring Break.  But, I hear the weather is suppose to be nice again starting tomorrow.  Here's hoping that it is!