Thursday, July 25, 2013

Caleb turns FIVE!

 It seems like Caleb can't possibly be five yet.  First of all, the kid is much smaller than other kids who are five.  He wears a 4T pants & they fall right off him!  He is a very smart little bugger for a kid his age though.  (Thanks for 2 years of preschool Miss Shannon!).  This year for his birthday he wanted all things dinosaur (and occasionally spiderman).  When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted this year I was told, "A T Rex." that came with an expression like "Duh, mom.  I can't believe you even had to ask!"  Lucky for me I found a T Rex cake pan!  I also put some cupcakes to work & made a no so long neck long neck dinosaur (that I also made for his birthday when he turned two).

We didn't celebrate with family until Monday, July 22 because that was the first day Travis was home.  We had our family over for cake and ice cream (and of course presents).  This kid was sure spoiled in the present department!
Uncle Chad & Aunt Shanah's clan got him all things school supply & a new school shirt.

Aunt Cass & Uncle Chad got him his very own bag of cheetos & a cool real skin dinosaur that has skin you can pull off the skeleton.

Sam bought him a magic volcano at the dinosaur park that when you filled the container up with water the volcano fizzed until the volcano was gone & you were left with a dinosaur.

Great Grandpa Russ knows Caleb all too well & got him a double barrel Nerf gun!  Now he'll be a two slingin' double barrel shotgun/Nerf gun maniac!  Great Grandma Ruth got him a book that has magnetic letters.

Grandma Terri & Grandpa Larry got him a new pair of wranglers, 2 dot to dot books (so he can be an extreme dot to dot maniac like Nash) and a book AND his most wanted item of the entire summer!  

The most wanted item of the summer is this sucker.  You fill it up with water & it fills up water balloons.  He's used it more than once already!

Grandma Kris & Grandpa Scott gave him this Ninja Turtle shirt and...a Lone Ranger LEGO set!  Boy was he excited about that LEGO set!  It even came from the LEGO store in San Diego!

The shirt Aunt Shanah & Uncle Chad gave him (Ninjago)

Mom & Dad gave him all the Land Before Time DVD's #s2-11, a dinosaur cup & a catch game with the velcro gloves.

 He had a good party & at the end of the party he even got to go home with Uncle Chad & Aunt Shanah's clan for a sleep over with his cousin Kash & his brother Nash.  It was his very first friend sleepover.  He was pretty stoked about it.

He is so excited to start Kindergarten in less than a month.  I hope that his excitement lasts through the year and that he isn't disappointed too much.  I know his teacher will do everything she can to make it exciting.  He has Mrs. C. Kendrick & she just goes a million miles an hour all the time. 

Happy birthday buddy!