Thursday, October 22, 2015

Samantha's trip to the chiropractor

Well, we got Sam's xrays back today.  I looked at this first one and went, "Hmm..  She's as crooked as her mom!"  The chirpractor said that her bones haven't fused so she's going to get more heighth to her.  He said that it's typical for kids who are growing to be lopsided so he isn't super worried about that right now.  She is, however, 28 mm to the left.  I was 16 mm to the left the first time I went about 6 yrs ago.

Here's the side view of her neck.  This one doesn't have the purple marks on it to show where she should be.  Suffice it to say that although this doesn't look super bad, it's not great.  The GOOD thing I did notice is that the spacing between her discs is even and there is no brain stem smashing!

This is a side view of her torso.  The pencil line there should actually go through the pelvic bone.  It's marked as being 7 mm off.

 This is the best view of her neck.  The purple line that's a little more straight shows the curvature now.  The purple one that arcs back shows where the arc of her neck should be!  He's rather concerned about this.  He wants her coming once a week (her brothers are 3 times a week) and he wants her doing neck stretches each night.

I can say that I'm happy I had all three xrayed when I did.  There were multiple issues going on that need to be fixed and since they've been spotted this early we should be able to get them fixed without too much trauma.  I was talking to Dr. Fullmer today because Sam jokingly told him we forgot to mention Nash is pregnant before he had his xrays (he had an ultrasound on his bladder & kidneys recently).  It was after this comment from Sam that I was telling him about how Nash still pees the bed nightly if he doesn't take his medication.  I told him which medication he's on and how much and how long he's been taking it.  He said that today he adjusted the L1, which is where he would need adjusted for that exact problem.  He said that it moved a lot.  I told him we should make a note to be sure and adjust that each time I'm bringing him in seeing how we are going to be there so often for awhile.  Dr. Fullmer said he would make a note of it in his chart.  He said that the adjustment should help to send the signal to his brain that his bladder is full so HOPEFULLY he'll recognize it and we can avert the bed wetting and PERHAPS cut out the medication.  I would be thrilled.  Not nearly as thrilled Nash, but thrilled none the less!