Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BATC Fall Fashion Show 2013

My aunt teaches Fashion Merchandising at BATC.  For those that don't know, BATC students put together a fashion show each fall and spring.  They use clothes from local clothing stores and one set they design the clothes themselves.  They have kids anywhere from about 2 yr old up through high school participate in the fashion show.  My aunt called me on Monday last week and said, "I need a size 10 girl.  Is Sam a size 10?"  I told her just just so happened to be a 10 and would love to help out with the fashion show.  She actually ended up wearing a dress that was a size 12 but it was none too big!  She looked super cute and she did a great job.  I told Travis that the dance lessons have doubled as modeling lessons thanks to her quick ability to strike a pose and hold it!  When she was done on Friday night (the second night) she asked me if she could do it again in the spring!  I told her we'd tell Aunt Colette to let us know when they were looking for girls again!

Sam was excited that her cousins Sara and Sadie got to do the fashion show with her too.  Sara is a year older than Sam and Sadie is 17 days older.  The picture goes Sam, Sara, Sadie.  You'd never know Sadie was older than Sam!

This was the girls' "Rawr" pose!  Ready for the catwalk!

The finale walk through.  It was hard to catch the girls as they walked through so quick but I tried!

Medical bills keep coming

We survived Caleb's head injury (mostly ;) ).  This past week when Travis was home we had scheduled for Brooke to get another set of tubes (possibly a double set in each ear which would be sets five and six respectively).  Travis was all set to take her in and I was set to get kids to school, teach preschool, go to work and then get Sam to the BATC fashion show in which she was participating (you know, just another slow day here at the Bown house). 

Literally as my preschool kids started walking into the house I got a phone call from Travis.  Never good, right?  I was thinking that maybe they were done and he was making an extra stop somewhere before they came home.  Oh don't I wish that was the case.

Travis proceeded to tell me that while they were scoping her vocal chords (which I knew they were going to do to check for nodules on her vocal chords in an effort to explain her deep, raspy voice) they noticed her tonsils were bad...full of nasty pus, need to come out now kind of bad.....so, they took her tonsils out too.  I'm still thinking "Ok, no big deal, we've done this."  Then he tells me, "Well since she's 2 it's a lot bigger deal to take her tonsils out than if she was three or four.  So, I'll be spending all day and possibly over night here at the hospital with her so can you bring me some stuff?"  Say what now?  Was not prepared for that!

I managed to teach preschool and get Caleb to school.  Travis called his mom and asked if she would be willing to get the boys after school.  I went up to the school after teaching preschool to let my math kids know I wouldn't be pulling them that day.  I checked Sam out of school and headed home.  My mom stopped by to pick up the stuff for Travis and then headed out to the hospital.  I got Sam ready for the fashion show and headed to town.  I stopped at Walmart because she needed some black tights to go with her outfit for the fashion show.  Sam had to be at BATC by three and by the time we got out of Walmart we had to head to BATC.  Sam was bummed because she didn't get to go see her sister.  I got Sam dropped off and then headed over to the hospital myself.

My poor baby girl had an iv in her foot still when I got there.  They had been pumping her full of fluids all day long.  When I walked in all she wanted was her mama.  I sat in her bed right next to her with my arm around her and she didn't let me go for several hours.  They finally released her at about 5:30 or so that night.  Once we got her released we headed to my in laws to get the boys.  Meanwhile my aunt was kind enough to call me and let me know she would take Sam to dinner with her and her girls.  We got the boys picked up and stopped at Shopko to pick up some prescriptions.  Travis then took the boys and B and headed home while I headed over to BATC just in time to help Sam get dressed.

Sam did a great job in the fashion show and I think she loved every second of it.  She did the show again on Friday night and we took B with us so Travis could watch Sam strut her stuff as well.  Sunday was the most difficult day for B and yesterday was a little better.  She wasn't too thrilled about getting dropped off at daycare today, but she managed.  I'm just crossing my fingers that neither of the two sets of tubes in her ears are clogged at her follow up appointment in two weeks.  And in case you are counting, that makes sets 18 & 19 of the ear tubes at our house.  Why don't I have a reserved space at the hospital yet??