Saturday, August 9, 2014

Maughan Family Reunion 2014

Well, tonight was a fun one!  We had a Maughan reunion!  We haven't had an official one of those since grandpa's 80th birthday seven years ago!

My kids loved playing with all their cousins.  Samantha picked right back up with her cousin Lea (who lives in Missouri) and made friends with a "new" cousin Hailey (also Missouri).  She's gotten email addresses and regular snail mail addresses.  She's actually pretty good at writing letters so I think this may be the beginning of a new pen pal (her & Lea hit it off last year and have written a few letters to each other since then).

In preparation for this reunion I was trying to figure out just how many Maughans there are now.  If my numbers are correct we are currently sitting at about 92.  Holy cow, that's a lot of Maughans!  We had 55 of the 92 there tonight at some point in time!
(2) Grandpa/Marian
(22) Devon/Karen
     Anthony/Jessica - Emma, Marianne, Clara, Lea, James, Benjamin
     Jeff/Carrie - Kaitlyn, Rachel, Lexi
     Angela/Dave - Jordan, Hailey, Megan, Addison, Ryan
(16) Darwin/Deb
    Jeremy/Heidi - Jaxon, Croix, Knox
    Justin/Andrea - Staten, Lincoln (new one coming in November)
    Jesse/Jaymie - Henslee, Nixon
(14) Larry/Terri
    Misty/Travis - Samantha, Nash, Caleb, Brookelyn
    Cassidy/Chad - Jade, Jack, Sunny
(12) Gaylen/Teresa
    Nate/Amanda - Tayson
    Lance/Stacey - Dillon, +1  (name is failing me!)
    Andy, Kaylee
(8) Doug/Kathy
    Brandon/Katie - Braxton (new one coming in November)
(18) Bruce
    Corey/Rachel - Emory, +1 (name failing again), Fischer
    Kellie/Andrian - Mahal, Dempsey
    Luke/Kylee - Brody (new one coming in October)  

I'm impressed - I'm only forgetting 2 names (confession - I had to check Jeff's blog for his girls' names ;) but that's still not bad!)

We even managed to get a few photos of the entire bunch, but I'm waiting to get them back from Kylee so that I am photo shopped into them!