Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dance recital, funny girls, hair cuts & Santa

Sam & Kylee are so excited to be in the same class again.  They were in the same class for a year or so when they were just little and then they were in Dyna-kids together for a year before Sam moved up to Jr. Company.  This year Kylee moved up to Jr. Company too!

Brookelyn never ceases to amaze me.  This little girl is more like her big sister every day!  I caught her reading a story to the snowmen the other day.

And speaking of Sam, I found these notes on her door the other day.  I about died laughing.  Completely cracked me up.  I had to get a photo.

Nash has been getting festive with the LEGOs.  He built Santa for us.

Today I finally took the boys in for a hair cut.  I've been debating about chopping my hair off for awhile.  The first time I got the inkling to do it I just permed it instead.  The perm never did take too well so I still had the inkling to do something different.  My sister in law chopped hers over Thanksgiving and it gave me another nudge to do it.  So, while I was there with the boys, I cut my hair.
Before (the last time I chopped my hair was Jan. 2010 & I cut about 11 inches off):


It hasn't been this short since I was pregnant with Nash.  When I chopped it off last time the back was a little longer and it was an A line so the front just about hit my shoulders.  My cousin, Natalee, cut my hair for me and I asked her if she thought it was long enough to donate.  I didn't think it would be.  I've never donated before but have always wanted to.  She put my hair into two pony tails and chopped them off so they were a little more than 10 inches each.  Now I just have to send them in!

 After we got our hair cuts I went and picked the girls up (I left them at my in laws' house) and we went to see Santa.  I worried B might freak out but she did really good.  I think it might have something to do with the fact that we put her on Sam's lap instead of Santa's lap!  Santa had held his hands out to put her on his lap and she turned around to run away!