Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The good luck continues...

So I mentioned Travis's truck started on fire on Saturday.  Fortunately, they were able to fix it completely and have it done by Monday afternoon.  It cost a fairly pretty penny, but it's done and it was in time for him to go with Sam on the ski day for her school.

Yesterday while I was at work Travis had Brooke and Caleb at home.  I guess he sat both of them up to the counter to have something to eat.  We always put Brooke at the counter because she's fiesty and just about refuses to sit anywhere else.  Generally speaking she does quite well.  We are never too far away from her either.  Apparently Brooke was sitting on her barstool eating her food and minding her own business when she unexplainedly fell off the barstool and landed face first on the wood floor.  She had a bloody nose off and on the entire day.  She also ended up with a nice goose egg in the center of her forehead.  She seemed ok other than that.  A little whiney but she's been sick and I just chalked it up to that.  This morning she was puking everywhere and everything.  She's throwing up to the point of dry heaving.  Poor baby.  I got thinking about it and wondered if it might be from her fall yesterday. Called the pediatrician's office.  They had me check her pupils and they were dilating.  They told me what to watch for and said that she'll probably throw up the rest of the day.  Luckily for me my neighbor is kind enough to come sit with Brooke and Caleb while I go to work for about an hour and a half.  Also fortunately for me, I'm at the school that's having the ski day for their fourth and fifth grade so I don't need to worry about missing them!
UPDATE: As the day wore on B was acting and looking worse.  By the time my mom got her just after one she had called my aunt (who's an EMT) to ask some questions.  My mom and I both felt like she didn't look too fantastic.  My aunt said we should take her to the ER and have her checked out.  So, I loaded her in the car and took her to the ER.  She just pretty much laid there while we were there.  They put a neck brace on her (which she didn't fight at all) and gave her some medicine to help her stop vomiting.  They did a cat scan to make sure she didn't have a skull fracture or swelling/blood on the brain.  Luckily, the scan came back all clear.  They gave me a prescription for Zofran (for the vomiting) and let us go.  They said to keep a close eye on her for another 24 hours.  If she doesn't improve within 24-48 hours then we need to have her checked out again.  He said that the fact that there wasn't anything showing up on the cat scan and we were 24 hours out from the accident was a good sign.  So, we are back home, she still looks and feels awful and she's still throwing up.  I sure hope the little girl feels better soon.  What a scare for mom!
B in her neck brace:

B last night showing off her brother's mask that goes to his flying suit:

Travis and I got new phones yesterday too.  We finally switched from Verizon.  We've been with them since 2002.  It wasn't that we didn't like them, we just figured out that by going through Straight Talk (at Walmart) we could get 2 smart phones and a basic phone (for the kids) and pay what we're paying now for 1 smart phone and 1 basic phone.  I'm so excited to have a smart phone!  The phone I had been using I got in 2009 and it was pretty basic.  I feel like I've joined the new age!  So, now I'm trying to figure out all the new features on my phone, add apps (look out instagram I can finally get an account!), add all my contacts, etc.  The kids are pretty excited to have a cell phone that's designated as kid use (mostly it's to stay at the house so if we run somewhere and need to leave a phone home we can).

Yesterday I got my 2008 blurb book!  I used booksmart (blurb.com) to turn my blog into a book.  I have 2008 and 2009 done and 2008 came in the mail yesterday.  It looks great and I'm so excited!  It was a New Year's resolution last year and I got it done but never ordered.  So, I added it as a New Year's resolution again this year.  When I got a coupon for 30% off I couldn't resist - made it very affordable!  I got another coupon good for part of February so now I need to get 2010 done.  I love that I have a journal with pictures for my kids.  I did paperback because it was cheaper, but I still think it will be just fine and not get destroyed too easily (as long as we keep Brooke from grabbing at it constantly!).

Well, here's to hoping we have no more trauma the rest of February!