Monday, December 10, 2012

The dentist...again

Today was the day that Nash had to have both his upper canines pulled.  I was a little worried he'd completely freak out.  He doesn't like "the piggy nose" and kinda wigged out about it last time.  I talked to him on the way there and told him that they would be putting it on him to help him relax so he didn't feel anything.  I think he was a bit apprehensive about it.  He was so, so good though!  He didn't fight them on the piggy nose and he just laid there like it was no big deal.  He didn't whimper or fight or anything!  I was so proud of him!  I told him I bet the Tooth Fairy will bring him a $20 bill tonight because he was so brave.

I could not believe how big the roots on both those teeth were!  The only pulled teeth I've every seen are the ones that have been pulled when they were suppose to be!  I had NO idea the roots were so enormous!  Holy cow!  He does have some nice holes in his mouth now.  Guess I need to snap a photo of that for the future!

In talking to the dentist I learned that his permanent canines are in line to come in totally straight.  The concern is that with the teeth next to the two front teeth and the canine, there won't be room for the canines to come in straight.  The hope is that by removing the baby canines it will make a straight channel for the permanent canines to come in so they can stay straight.  The dentist told me that he has a baby molar that's smaller than the permanent one so there will be a little bit of room in the back of his mouth.  If the gap between his two front teeth closes on its own, then with the extra space in the back, he shouldn't have to have any permanent teeth pulled later on.  Crossing my fingers it works!

Despite how brave he was about having the whole thing done this morning, he wasn't feeling too shiny afterwards.  So, I let him take the day off of school and just left him at day care.  By lunch time he was good to go.  I wasn't able to get him from daycare at that point so he just missed the whole day.  Oh well.  Well deserved if you ask me!

I was a little worried he wouldn't be up to playing at his first piano recital tonight but he did fantastic!  I hope I can get my video to upload to facebook for his dad to see.