Thursday, January 17, 2013

Acts of kindness #7-11

#7 - I volunteered to make 25 thank you cards and write in them for the people participating in Dancing with the Relay Stars.  They turned out super cute.  I used my stamps!  I put a cute set of flip flops on the front and what part of what I wrote on each one said, "Thanks for helping us accomplish this incredible "feet."  We couldn't have done it without you and yours."  I'm so clever :)

#8 - I volunteered to pick up the flowers for said above event so that our chair person (who is also dancing) doesn't have to do it on the day of the event.

#9 - I volunteered to count money raised for said above event on the night of the event.

#10 - I found my niece at school yesterday & drove both her and my nephew home after school so they didn't have to walk in the cold and have Jack's asthma act up after "exercising" in this junkie air.

I think I should be able to include acts of kindness done for me so here's #11:

#11 - My girlfriend agreed to keep all four kids while I go help at said above event (this will be no short amount of time and it's on a school night).