Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blue & Gold Banquet

Tonight we went to Nash's first Blue & Gold banquet.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  It turned out nice and it didn't even last all evening long!  The kids had several things they have been working on that they  needed to bring with them to display.  Nash had all of his done & I remembered to take them all with (now there's an accomplishment in itself!).  We had a nice dinner & Nash received his Blue & Gold badge & his pinewood derby badge.  He's super close to earning his wolf.  It will be exciting for him when he does because at least count he had around 27 or so arrow points!  He'll be a happy camper when it comes time to receive those awards at Pack Mtg!

Nash with his display.  He made the teepee at one of his den meetings.  They even drew authentic Native American drawings on it!  His LEGO collection, his pedigree/family tree, his fire escape plan & the game he made from his creation kit.

Receiving his Blue & Gold badge & his pinewood derby badge.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm so behind!

Things have been super busy around here despite the holidays being long gone!

Both of the boys signed up for tumbling at the beginning of January.  This means that we now spend 3 days a week (four hours a week) at LaShars!  Boy are they getting their money's worth from us!  The boys have loved every second of it and Caleb asks nearly every day if it's tumbling day.  Guess I should have signed them up sooner!  Yes, their dad knows they're doing it.  I think it was when I said that the dance they were learning was Footloose that he finally decided it was ok!

Nash had his first pinewood derby ever!  He had a great time making his car & even though he didn't come in one of the top three places, he had a great time racing.  He even has two grandmas, a grandpa, mom & a brother there to cheer him on!

Samantha performed at the USU women's basketball half time.  As always, she did great!  She told us afterwards that their music skipped so they were off.  I let her know that we couldn't even tell.  She was pretty happy to have two grandmas, a grandpa, all three siblings, a dad & two cousins show up to watch her dance!

Sam also danced at our Relay for Life kickoff event on February 6th.  We had our third annual Dancing with the Relay Stars.  Her dance studio was one of the studios that participated.  I think she had a great time.  I also think she was secretly glad that her group was second to last to perform so that she could watch most of the show!

Nash has been playing basketball.  It's all kinds of fun for more to trek out to Hyde Park twice a week for practice and a game!  His team hasn't won too many games, but he seems to be enjoying it.

His last game is this Saturday (February 15th).  Before we know it soccer season will be here and it will be Nash on the sidelines cheering Caleb on.

The last time Travis came home we managed to get two kids with pink eye, Travis with influenza, Brooke with influenza, & Sam & Nash either had a 24 hr bout of influenza or something of a varying sort.  Not fun.  Now that Travis is gone, apparently it's my turn.  I'm crossing my fingers I don't get it full on - I don't have time for that.  Here's for hoping!

The last time Travis was home we also celebrated this girl's birthday!
Sister requested all things mustache or zebra

I cannot believe she is 11 (well, almost!).  Where has that time gone?  She is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.  She is very kind and thoughtful.  She is getting to be a fairly decent babysitter for me now too.  I'm still in denial that she's going to be in middle school next year!

Preschool is moving right along and we're getting ready for our Valentine's Day party at the end of this week.  Samantha is still in my SEM group at Canyon and they've just started debate.  I'm not sure how great of an idea it was for me to teach my own daughter to debate!  Here's to hoping I don't regret it later!