Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Our dad missed Halloween again this year, but we had fun anyway.  Caleb was a cowboy (John Marston from a video game).  When he dressed up for school he was "alive" but when he went out trick or treating we added a bullet hole to his forehead.  He thought it was funny when I told him he looked like he lost the duel.  He asked what a duel was and I explained it was a gun fight.  Eventually he started trick or treating like this: Knock, knock.  "Trick or Treat!  Don't make me use my gun!  I lost the duel" (take off hat).  At one point he told me, "Mom!  I get 2 pieces of candy when I tell them I lost the duel!"  He was so excited about that!  Silly boy!

This was when he went to do his Halloween play for school:

I made Brooke her Minnie (Mimmi) Mouse dress.  She is totally obsessed with Minnie and I have to say I think she was the cutest Mimmi ever!

Samantha (much to my happiness) recycled last year's hip hop costume and was an escaped convict.  When she went to school she asked me to give her a black eye (she didn't when she dressed up for her Halloween dance performance).

Caleb on Halloween night with his duster I was up until 3:30 am making and hoping he'll continue to wear:

My nerd Nash!  He wanted to be General Grievous from Star Wars.  There was no way I was making that costume (even if I could find a pattern).  I didn't have the money to go buy it either.  So, the day before Halloween I was finally able to convince him to be a nerd.  I had given him the choice of nerd or a girl.  Guess he didn't want to wear his sister's clothes!  Sam told me the night before Halloween the glasses we had that I was going to use were dropped and broken by B so we ended up drawing his glasses on.  I used an eye liner to do it but when I went up to the school for the costume parade I saw he had taken a PEN and redrawn them during the day!  We also gave him a killer STAR WARS tattoo.  Today (Nov. 1) he asked if I'd redo his tattoo.  I told him no.  Wondering how long it will take before he redoes it himself without me knowing!

With our pumpkins but minus Sam (she was on the phone with her friend)

After the girls went around the block (the boys were banished to their bedroom to get it cleaned up) and we had visited a few select people we headed out to Grandma Kris and Grandpa Scott's house.  Jamie & Robbie's boys looked super cute in their costumes.  I can't believe Clayton ever fit in the dinosaur costume!

I didn't get a picture of Chad and Shanah's kids.  Prestin was a girl (and a super cute one), Livi was a little devil and Kash was a hunter.

We did lots of Trick or Treating in grandma and grandpa's neighborhood.  Caleb was sad that when we went to Buff and Laura's house they were out of donuts.  Lucky for him grandma was willing to share some of the ones they had brought over earlier!  This was the first year I haven't taken a stroller Trick or Treating in TEN years!  That was really nice.  What wasn't really nice was how stinking SLOW Brooke was.  Poor Nash, Caleb and Clayton would go about six houses ahead of us and then just sit and wait while Brooke and I caught up (and she didn't even knock every door!).

After all our Trick or Treating we went back to grandpa and grandma's house to celebrate grandma's birthday!

I love this picture of grandpa and Sam:

After all the door knocking and birthday cake eating Brooke and Livi had a tubbie together.  They sure had lots of fun in their tub!

We got home at a fairly decent time (about 10:30 pm) and the kids slept well.  Tonight Brooke fell asleep around 6:30 on our way home from Logan and she's still out four hours later!  I'm hoping she doesn't wake up at 3 am!  Can't wait until next week (after Stake Conference) to take Brooke to church in her Mimmi dress!  I have a feeling that she's going to want to wear it every day!