Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A name change for the blog?

After reading my last post my sister suggested I change the name of the blog to Bown Family Medical History.  Good, but I'm thinking more along the lines of "Chronicles of a homemade M.D."  What do you think?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Will it ever stop?!

Lets look at it this way:

Week before Christmas:
Sam gets flu bug and misses school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Nash gets flu bug and misses school Tuesday.
Caleb gets flu bug & is sick until the following week.

Christmas Eve:
Caleb appears to be on his death bed.

Christmas Day:
Travis & Brooke get flu bug.  Travis STILL has a nasty hacking cough.

Friday January 19:
Sam get sicks.  On Sunday we go to Instacare to be told she has Influenza.  She misses the entire week of school.  Has fever of 103 entire time - that's being on ibuprofen all day every day for the entire week.

Thursday January 24:
Caleb wakes up with temp of 101.4.

Friday January 25:
Rather than go to SLC to the conference I'm registered for for work I stay home and take all FOUR kids to the pediatrician's office.  Get told Caleb just has croup.  Get three days of Dexamethasone for Caleb.  Get Brooke a flu shot.  Caleb's temperature hits 104 this night.

Sunday January 27:
Caleb finishes the last of his Dexamethasone.

Monday January 28:
Really shouldn't send Caleb to daycare but have students doing presentations (that were suppose to be done the week before Christmas but I had to cancel classes).  Send Caleb to daycare double dosed on ibuprofen and acetominaphen.
Take Caleb back to Instacare after work.  Spend three hours there to learn that he doesn't have RSV, it's "just the junk in the air that's viral that's going around" and I'm "doing everything that can be done". Find out the "best recommendation" the dr. can give me is to get some saline nasal spray for Caleb.  Come home very irritated.
Get kids ready for bed and send them off.  Caleb is fevering again and is struggling for air (again/still).  Nash starts coughing....Nash starts croup coughing....Nash has fever.
Brooke wakes up after being asleep for about an hour.  Brooke has fever.

BAH!  I'm digging a very deep hole, climbing in and not coming out until June 1st!  What I don't understand is that I have 95 students in four different schools.  How the heck have I managed to be the ONLY person in this house that hasn't gotten deathly ill?  Seriously!  I hope God knows I consider this to be a VERY cruel joke on his part.

Relay for Life 2013

This year is my FIFTH year doing Relay for Life and my FOURTH year as being a committee member.  This year I am the chairperson for sponsorship again.  I'm hoping that we can raise more money through sponsorship this year than last year.  Last year we raised about $7,000 (which I'm told was twice what they did the year before, hence the reason I'm chairperson again - actually, I was told as long as I want to chair sponsorship, it's all mine).  We raised about $85,000 for the entire event last year.  That was about $10,000 less than the year before - in all honesty, I'm fairly certain that the torrential rain storm we had during Relay was the culprit because it killed a lot of the fundraisers people had planned to do up on site.

Our kickoff event is this Wednesday.  It is our second annual Dancing with the Relay Stars.  It's just like Dancing with the Stars, but the dancers are raising money for Relay.  I have volunteered to help at the event again this year.  It will be held at the Logan Rec Center again this year.  We have quite a few stars dancing this year too.  The USU ballroom dance team acts as choreographers for the dancers - which I think is pretty awesome.  They have also arranged to have several different dance companies bring teams in to dance while money is being counted (nope, Sam's not dancing - lucky for me).  We also use this event as a charity event for the food pantry.  People who come and bring a canned food donation get the price of their admission reduced.  Last year we were able to collect quite a few cans for the food pantry so I'm hoping we can do that again this year as well.

As for the plans I've made for my own Relay team...well, not all plans have been figured out but I'm kinda use to flying solo on this one.  I know I will have team members but most of them don't sign up until about April!  
**Travis had suggested two years ago that we appeal to the men.  I had promised him we would do so through our raffle & our shirts last year....and then I forgot.  So, to honor that promise, this year we will be "Huntin' for a Cure."  We will also be raffling off something that will appeal to the men as well as the women...perhaps a fishing pole?  Travis wants to raffle a gun but I'm pretty sure we won't be able to get one donated and I'm not assuming that liability!
**I'm planning to do a silent auction on the blog again this year.  I would like to do that about the first week of March so keep an eye out.
**I know I will be doing a yard sale again this year.  I've been collecting items in my basement since the end of the last one last May.  The pile is growing out of control!  If you have any items you want to get rid of and would like to donate them to the yard sale let me know.  I'm more than happy to come pick items up.  I'm planning to do the yard sale in early May.  I know we have a dance competition one of the first Saturdays & I believe the second weekend is Mother's Day.  So, I'll keep you posted on a for sure date.
**If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to my team (or register to be a part of my team), you can do so here:  I set my fundraising goal for $100 but I'd really like to beat what I did last year.  Last year my team did about $1,700 & I raised about $1,400 of that.  I really wanted to earn my red "Grand Club" shirt last year.  I'm hoping to earn another one this year as well.  That means I have to raise at least $1,000.  
**If you'd like to donate but can't afford to donate money I'd love donations for the silent auction.  Anything you can do helps us find a cure for this rotten disease.  If you know any business owners that would like to participate by being a sponsor let me know!
**And in case you don't know, here's why I Relay:
I started to Relay in memory of my Grandma Lea.  Now I have the honor of Relaying for so many others.  But, to be honest, this right here is why I keep Relaying:

I Relay for my family

I Relay for my Grandpa who kicked Cancer's Butt more times than any one person ought to have to

I Relay for my Littles because Heaven forbid I ever lose one of them to this horrific disease

I Relay for my "Other Mother" who kicked Cancer's Butt

And I Relay for my friends who have kicked Cancer's Butt

Basically, I Relay because it's a way that I CAN make a difference in this very large world.  It's a way for me to be involved in my community and help others who are in need.  It's a way for me to honor my Grandma and the fight she made.  It's a way for me to show my children the importance of caring about those around us -  because in the end, we're all human.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sick-ie update

You know, I should have just gotten everyone a flu shot in October.  I've been working on turning the blog into a book to get it printed.  I sent 2008 off to the printer yesterday and was working on 2009 today.  I was reading through the first few months of 2009 and was reminded that Nash & Caleb had both gotten RSV that winter.  It was after that that I started doing flu shots for the kids and I regularly.  Last year we didn't get flu shots - I can't remember why.  Then this year I figured last year we didn't get the flu so I will bypass the flu shot this year....stupid!

Friday night after Sam did the USU half time show I could tell she was getting sick.  By Sunday she was in bad shape so we went to InstaCare and were told (after about a 2 hr wait) that they were classifying her as having Influenza.  Well, Thursday was the first day she had a temperature under 99*.  This means she went from Friday through Thursday of being sick (which is less than the 14 days I've heard it can affect kids).  On Thursday Caleb woke up with a fever of 101.4*.  I ended up canceling classes Thursday to stay home with him because I couldn't justify leaving a sick Sam home to take care of a sick Caleb.  I also ended up not going to SLC for the conference I was suppose to go to for work on Friday.

On Friday I took all four kids and we trekked into the pediatrician's office.  Dr. Clarke listened to Caleb and said he didn't think it was asthma so we didn't need to keep doing the albuterol with the nebulizer.  I told him that we had been doing it the night before to help with the wheezing and gasping for air.  Dr. Clarke gave us some dexamethasone for Caleb's croup.  I also asked him if he thought it was too late for Brooke to get a flu shot or if I should just do it.  He said that up until now we've had Influenza A hitting everyone.  Now Influenza A is tapering off and we are starting to see Influenza B hit.  So, I decided to go ahead and get Brooke a flu shot while we were there.  I asked Nash if he wanted one too (no point in doing Sam's or Caleb's at this point).  He semi freaked out and told me "NO!"

Saturday night Caleb ended up with a temperature of 104*.  That will freak a mamma out pretty quick. I got him striped and in a cool tub.  That lasted for maybe five minutes.  He wasn't too keen on the idea.  I got another dose of Motrin in him and called my mom.  She was kind enough to run to the grocery store to get me some acetaminophen and some Gatorade for him.  I was able to get his temperature to drop back down somewhat quickly by doing all that but it still freaked me out.  He didn't want to take his medicine and the only way I got it into him was by telling him his brain was going to start cooking if we didn't get his temperature down (fine mother moment, I know).

Today he woke up and his fever seemed to be down.  He's been eating, hasn't thrown up and has played during the day.  What's been weird is that the fever hits around 8 pm really, really hard.  I really don't know what else to do for the poor kid.  I can't cancel classes tomorrow because my kids are presenting (they were suppose to present the last week before Christmas but Sam had the flu and I canceled class to stay home with her.  Since there has only been 2 Monday's with school in session in January this was our only opportunity to present!).  I think I may end up canceling classes on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday as well - even though I have a meeting with the teachers after school Wednesday and Wednesday night is Dancing with the Relay Stars that I've volunteered to help at.  Just crossing my fingers that Nash, Brooke & I don't get this junk!

This has been his location of choice since Thursday:

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning the house all afternoon.  After I got all the cleaning done I had the kids help me get out our Valentine's Day decorations.  One of them looks at me and says, "Wow mom. You really don't have that many Valentine decorations!"  I had to smile and said, "Well, I don't run out and buy them all at once!  I have to collect them over time!"  I think it's probably just because I have an obscene amount of Christmas decorations so now that we're decorating again and we aren't looking for somewhere to keep putting decorations it's a bit of a shock for them!  I was glad I had recently bought a kit from Mandy (at One the Avenue - her link is on the left hand side of the blog).  I spent part of yesterday and part of today painting, modge podging and finishing it up.  It turned out super cute.  Right now I have it sitting on my table (notice the cute table runner?  Part of the collection my mom made me for Christmas.)  I have to agree with the kids though - considering Sam's birthday is right close to Valentine's Day (and I love this holiday) we really ought to have more Valentine's Day decorations.  Guess I'll have to be on the look out!

Best Pinterest Idea EVER

Ok, so I found this idea on Pinterest a little while back.  The pin said that in order to tame out of control doll hair you put 2 TBSP fabric softener into a spray bottle.  Then, you fill up the remainder of the spray bottle with water.  Spray the doll's hair, comb and Wa-lah perfect doll hair.

I was skeptical because let's face it - we have our fair share of out of control doll hair and we've never been able to tame it.  I kept telling myself to not get my hopes up but give it a whirl anyway.

Tori's (Sam's American Girl Doll) before picture

I used the doll brush (you can see it in my hand) that I bought from American Girl.  I could not believe how fast her hair combed out.  Sam usually asks me to comb Tori's hair and make it cute and it takes a good 30 minutes to get it combed out decent enough to put a pony tail in.  There was minimal hair shedding involved with this doll this time too.
Here are Tori's after pictures:

After I got her hair brushed out I was able to take her front section of hair (the part that Caleb gave a haircut to) and put a braid in it and then pull it all back into a pony tail.  I was so amazed at how well it worked that we busted out another doll.  I should have done a before and after photo of that doll.  The second doll we did is a doll Grandma Bown gave Sam for Christmas.  Now I'm not going to lie - the hair on this doll is gross.  It's just a bad wig or something.  The hair on this doll is always a disaster (it goes to her ankles).  This time I used a normal hair brush (I needed to glue the American Girl doll brush back together because the bristle part kept popping out).  There was a ton of hair that shed out (seriously, my garbage was half full of doll hair).  I was finally able to get it all combed out, braided in two braids & then I gave it a trim (hopefully it won't be so nasty now).

So, there you have it momas - best Pinterest idea ever!  PS If you live close and want 2 TBSP fabric softener let me know.  I don't use fabric softener in my laundry because so many of us are allergic so I had to buy a bottle of it just for this!  This should last quite awhile!  I also bought a new spray bottle and wrote "Mixed" on it so we don't let Brooke get a hold of it and drink it!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Act of Kindness #13

Today I purchased 3 new coloring books to leave at the Allergy Clinic when we go in next week.  They have a pencil box with crayons and markers and they usually have at least one coloring book.  I noticed when we were there yesterday that the two coloring books there were new ones and it gave me the idea.  I know my kids have colored their fair share while we've been there once a week every week since last June.  Why not put our fair share of books out?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Act of Kindness #12

So, for my Act of Kindness #12 I made a donation to the NDSS on behalf of Nella Hampton.  I follow Nella's mom's blog.  Nella has Down Syndrome.  She just turned three on Jan. 22nd.  Nella is beautiful & amazing.  Her mom is an amazing writer.  I need to buy or check out her book "Bloom".  You can find Nella's mom's blog here:  and you can donate to Nella's Triple Crown here:  Their fundraising goal this year is $300,000.  As of tonight they are at $231,333.  Go on over & check out their story.  If you haven't read Nella's birth story I dare you to do it and then not fall in love with this family!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Oilfield Wife

Misty Bown, sorry for what i've turned you into. Life takes us on some unexpected tangents but i'm glad i've got you along for the ride. I'm only going to do 3 sappy posts this year (tripling lasts years total) and i'm counting this as the first. Love you

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My girls

Sam made Brooke a cardboard box car not too long ago.  Brooke loved it!  Sam put her in the car with blankets and dolls and was pushing her around the house.  Brooke thought she was pretty hot stuff.  Sam decorated the box for Brooke too.  One side had her name, one side says "I love being perfect."  And one side side "Drama queen."  What a pair!

Last night Sam did another half time show at USU.  This time was a women's basketball game.  I was astounded at the difference between a men's and women's basketball game.  The men's games you have to pay $5 for parking and $17 for a ticket.  It's also so crowded it's insane.  The women's games you don't pay to park, tickets are $5 and there was hardly anyone there.  We could sit wherever we wanted to.  Not just because there was hardly anyone there but because they don't print an assigned seat for you on your ticket!  The women played  a great game.  They beat Denver by 20 points.

Waiting to come out of the tunnel to perform at half time.

They performed their jazz dance again.  Sam is second from left.

 Big Blue is so nice.  We asked a guy standing in the tunnel to ask Big Blue if he'd come take a picture with Sam.  He was more than willing to do so.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Acts of kindness #7-11

#7 - I volunteered to make 25 thank you cards and write in them for the people participating in Dancing with the Relay Stars.  They turned out super cute.  I used my stamps!  I put a cute set of flip flops on the front and what part of what I wrote on each one said, "Thanks for helping us accomplish this incredible "feet."  We couldn't have done it without you and yours."  I'm so clever :)

#8 - I volunteered to pick up the flowers for said above event so that our chair person (who is also dancing) doesn't have to do it on the day of the event.

#9 - I volunteered to count money raised for said above event on the night of the event.

#10 - I found my niece at school yesterday & drove both her and my nephew home after school so they didn't have to walk in the cold and have Jack's asthma act up after "exercising" in this junkie air.

I think I should be able to include acts of kindness done for me so here's #11:

#11 - My girlfriend agreed to keep all four kids while I go help at said above event (this will be no short amount of time and it's on a school night).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tonight I went to a Relief Society activity.  I was excited to go because I knew we were learning about, setting up an account, and getting any questions we had answered.  Caleb insisted on tagging along.  Lucky for me there was a nursery provided!  There were only 3 boys in there but hey, the kid had a blast and that's what counts.

I am super excited to say I not only got an account for, but I was able to link myself to Travis, each of Travis's lines and found out where the holes are!  Most of mine (well, most of the nine generations that show in the fan chart) has been completed.  A big thank you to both my grandmas who did so much work on this when PAF first came out years ago.  Travis's dad's side of the family and his mom's paternal side has been filled in quite a bit.  The excitement (for me, yes, I'm a nerd) is that there are many holes on Grandma Ingrid's side to fill in.  This is exciting to me because Grandma Ingrid is from Germany.  I love learning about different cultures, etc. and this is going to be a great opportunity for me to talk to Grandma Ingrid and learn so much about our ancestors.  Several years ago a book called In Harm's Way by Roger P Minert came out.  He was a BYU professor that was interested in knowing the numbers of LDS members in each of the German branches before and after WW2.  He contacted Grandma Ingrid and when the book was finished Grandma bought a copy.  It was at Christmas a few years ago (two maybe) that I overheard Grandma talking about the book.  I'm a weird history junkie and was thrilled to learn there was a book written that had information about some of Travis's ancestors (and pictures of his great grandma & his grandma as an infant).  I, of course, bought a copy as soon as we got home.  I haven't been able to read it yet but have referred to it on at least one other occasion (thank you Sam's 2nd grade reading group for discussing ships that had sunk & Grandma Ingrid for telling me about one such event in said book).

And in a completely random way learning what I did tonight ties in with a conversation I had with Sam a few days ago.  I can't remember what we were talking about but I said something about doing baptisms for the dead.  Sam asked me what I was talking about so I explained to her what baptisms for the dead were.  On Monday night the missionaries were here to give the first missionary lesson to Nash (yes we are working toward being baptized when he turns eight in May).  The elders had a super cool puzzle that showed the parts or pieces to the plan of salvation.  The elders would talk to Nash about one of the steps and tell him what it was called.  Nash would then find the piece (with Sam & Caleb's help of course) and put it into the puzzle.  At one point the elders were telling Nash about after you die your spirit goes to heaven to wait in one of two places - one place is for those who have learned about the gospel and accepted it and the other place is for those who haven't learned about or accepted the gospel yet.  It was at this point that I said, "Sam!  That's exactly what I was talking to you about when we were talking about baptisms for the dead!  If you do baptisms for the dead then the people who are waiting to learn about the gospel will have their church work done if/when they accept the gospel on that side!  Remember when you were little and would ask what Grandma Lea was doing in heaven and I told you I thought she was teaching people about the gospel?  Well, that's where she is!"  It was a moment of understanding for her and a light came on.  I know because she looked at me and went, "Oooh!  I get it now!"  Awesome.  I love it when it clicks.  And now, I can get Sam excited about genealogy too because there's something she can actively do to help!  Sweet.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Retainer update

This has been quite the unanticipated journey to say the least.

Here is the before picture:

Wed. Jan 2 - Nash got his retainer.  The original retainer they made didn't fit (surprised?  Yea, me either.)  The original retainer was your typical retainer - pink roof and metal wire around the teeth.  It didn't fit because 1-he's missing four teeth on top and 2-the majority of the teeth he does have on top are still baby teeth.  So, we sat in the dentist's office while they made a new mold of his teeth (the front teeth that we are trying to fix got broken off the first mold they made when the original retainer was made).  The second retainer they created is one that looks like a piece of plastic - seriously.  It fits along the top of his mouth and covers all of his top teeth.  He can take it out to eat and brush his teeth (and when his mother isn't looking).  Dr. Lambert told me that he thought it would only take 3-4 days to move that stubborn tooth to where we wanted it because we had made so much progress with the resin.

Thurs Jan 3 - Nash is complaining about his retainer hurting him.  I sympathized with him some.  I never had braces or a retainer so I can't say I know how he feels.  I kept telling him to buck up and that it was probably just his teeth moving that he could feel.

Friday Jan 4 - Nash is still complaining about his retainer hurting.  I finally (mostly in exasperation and to get him to stop whining) tell him to take his retainer out and show me where it's hurting.  He had previously told me it was hurting where he's missing teeth so I figured it was pushing teeth forward more than anything.  Turns out, the retainer had cut his gums where that piece of skin is that connects his cheek to his gums.  Oops.  Upon further inspection I notice that it's starting to cut his gums in the same spot on the right side as well.  After multiple texts to my sister (and mom) I decided I would try and find some wax they give kids for braces.

Saturday Jan 5 - Fortunately for me, I have many, many family members who have had braces!  One such fabulous person is my 14 (or is he 15?)  yr old cousin!  I called my aunt on Saturday morning and she was able to find some wax that Austin was no longer using since he has recently had his braces taken off.  She was kind enough to let us have the wax!

Monday Jan 7 - Today I was able to get Nash an appointment with the dentist.  Dr. Lambert was able to file down the retainer on both sides so that it is no longer rubbing on either side of his gums.  Dr. Lambert also put a bit more of the resin into the mold to help push Nash's front tooth a little further forward.  We have another appointment scheduled for Thursday afternoon and we are crossing our fingers that his tooth has completely moved by then & we will be retainer and resin free!

Thursday Jan 10 - Found out Nash threw his retainer away at school today!  I told him he owes the custodian a thank you card for helping him dumpster dive!  He didn't realize he'd thrown it away until the end of lunch so they were dumpster diving outside in the big dumpster.  Gross!  It wasn't even Nash that told me he threw it away!  It was a friend of mine who is the secretary at the school.  Nash was mortified when I mentioned it!  He went back to the dentist today to see if his tooth had moved all the way.  Turns has!  He only has to wear his retainer at bedtime now and he only has to do that until the end of January.  I did ask the dentist if he was sure the tooth had moved all the way because on the inside side it looks like it hasn't moved all the way over the top of the bottom tooth.  Turns out, he's worn his front permanent tooth down.  So, the bottom of his tooth is crooked now and will have to be fixed at a later date.  But, apparently that's an easy fix.  I sure hope so!

Here is the after picture:
No more top tooth behind bottom tooth!  He still looks a little goofy because he's missing two teeth on both sides so he only has two teeth and then two very big gaps!  You can also see how the bottom of his top tooth has been worn away (top tooth on the left - it's more obvious when you see it in person than it is in this picture).  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Act of kindness #6

Last night the kids and I dropped a few of our newly purchased groceries in the bin for donations to the food pantry on our way out the door of Smith's Marketplace.  I would probably have given something different (like diapers) if I had seen it on my way into the store.  Oh well!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Act of Kindness #5

I've decided it may take us a month to reach all 26 acts of kindness, but that's ok, we'll get it done eventually!

Tonight Travis left home to head back to work.  He left at about 8 pm.  Around 9:45 pm I got a phone call from him.  As I answered the phone I wondered what he could have possibly left behind.

Turns out, he had just reached Bear Lake.  As he was coming through the canyon, he came upon an over turned car.  He said he felt like he just couldn't pass the three girls that were sitting there and not help them.  He pulled over and went over to them.  I guess there was a guy in a semi there too.  Travis asked him if he was ok & if someone had headed down to call 911.  The guy just shook his head yes.  Travis said the guy didn't say a single word the entire time he was there.  Travis said he never did find out exactly what happened but all 3 of the girls that had been in that car were completely shaken up.  He told them they could sit in his truck while they waited for the ambulance and cops to show up.

I can't imagine how scared those girls were!  He said they were in their early 20's or so.  I know that I'd have been terrified if that was me!  Travis said he told them they were all lucky none of them were hurt.  They must have all had a seat belt on is all I can figure.  That, or they have something incredibly important left to do here.

I'm glad the girls were ok and that no one was seriously injured.  I'm also glad Travis happened to go through right then.  If nothing else it gave them a warm spot to sit while they waited for the emergency personnel to show up.  Good job Travis! :)

Hello 2013!

Dear 2013,
This year we have many things we are looking forward to!  We are excited you are finally here and we can get started!

-Has inquired about becoming an engineer at work.  This would mean a change from hourly pay to salary.  It would also mean a 12 week trip to Houston for training. :(
-Hunting with Nash & Caleb in the fall.
-Perhaps going to his 15 year high school reunion.

-Trying to decide whether to go back to teaching full time, stay where I am, or quit working and stay home.  That will all depend on what happens with Travis's job though.
-Learning to crochet.
-Finishing the levi quit I started for my mom 2 years ago!  I got the top done!  We just need to buy batting, tie it & bind it!
-Finishing the T shirt quilt I've been working on since April 2012!
-Walking more laps at Relay this year than last year.
-Matching my Relay fundraising total from last year ($1500ish).
-Paying off the Specialty Hospital bill & NO ONE ELSE having ear surgery!  Or any other surgery for that matter!
-Becoming a Cricket expert!
-Learning to do digital scrapbooking.
-Turning the blog into a book(s) and get it printed.  I already have 2008 & 2009 done and ready to print.  Just waiting for a good deal to come through!
-Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary!

-Turning TEN!
-Participating in her first Wellsville Mile.
-Beginning FIFTH GRADE in the fall.  (Mom's hoping this also means no more recorder practice for school!)
-Possibly moving up a level in piano.
-Swimming lessons for a second year.
-Hitting the one year mark for allergy shots in June!  This means she'll get to go from shots once a week to shots once a month.
-Scrapbooking (I set up a spot for her to do it in the basement.  I'm hoping I can 1-keep the boys & B out of it 2-get some of my own done and 3-not create a scrapbook monster!)

-Turing EIGHT & getting baptized!
-Hunting with dad and the boys in the fall.
-Shooting his new BB gun.
-Beginning THIRD GRADE in the fall.  (Look out cursive, here we come!)
-Possibly moving up a level in piano.
-Swimming lessons for a second year.
-Hitting the one year mark for allergy shots in September!  This means he'll get to go from shots once a week to shots once a month.

-Turning FIVE!
-Beginning KINDERGARTEN in the fall.  We are very sad that we will have to leave Miss Shannon behind.
-Going hunting with dad and the boys for the FIRST time.
-Maybe getting his first loose tooth (he's been pretending he's had one for at least 2 years now!).
-Swimming lessons for a second year.
-Possibly doing craft camp with Miss Shannon this summer.

-Turning TWO!  Mom already calls her "The Tiny Terror."  Sam & her brothers call her "Monster."  Everyone calls her "Trouble."
-Possibly doing craft camp with Miss Shannon this summer.
-An adventure in potty training.  Sister is allergic to something in the diapers.  We've bought panties to put over her diaper to give her another layer she has to peel off before she can be naked.  It's slowed her down a little. :)

2013 is sure to be an adventure.  Life never is dull around here for too long.  Here's to making the most of what we've got while we've got it!