Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A little bit of excitement...

Travis has been bugging me since this past summer to set up an appointment with the bishop for him.  I somehow keep managing to forget it until it is his last day home and it's about 10 pm.  I FINALLY did it (huge thank you to our home teachers for getting me to get it done!).

The whole reason he wanted this appointment was so that he could talk to the bishop about himself being the one to baptize Nash (yea, we're super on the ball).  I was skeptical about the whole thing, I won't lie.  Not a ton of things have changed since Samantha was getting ready to be baptized and the bishop wouldn't let him do it then (a few things have changed, but nothing earth shattering).

Travis came home from work on Saturday instead of Sunday (slow week) and we all made it to church (hopefully without infecting anyone).  Travis had his meeting with the bishop later that evening.  When he came home I jokingly asked him if he'd had to break any toes (he joked that he would break the bishop's toes if he told him no again).  He said "Nope."  So, guess who's going to be ordained a priest on Sunday before he goes back to work?  Yup...we're making progress slow but steady :)

As soon as we have a date scheduled for our Nashie Boy for a baptism, we'll let you know!