Thursday, February 9, 2017

Brookelyn vs the doctors and other interesting things

This kid I tell you.

Brooke's had more ear annoyances than her sister (who I thought was the Queen of ear issues).  She's been complaining for quite some time that her ear has been bugging her (the left one).  I chalked it up to "same ol', same ol' " and kind of just ignored it.  Until she started asking to go the ear dr.  I was able to get us in to see the ear dr last week.  Turns out sister had the entire tip of a q tip stuck in her ear!  Well, maybe that's what was bugging her?!  The dr. said that the q tip may be the reason that her ear has continued to drain.  I think the q tip actually stopped the draining because it hasn't drained in about two months.  It turns out she also still has a tube in that ear.  Wouldn't be a bad thing except said tube was placed in November of 2013.  That means we are going on 3.5 years with the same tube in her ear.  This particular tube cannot be removed in the office (of course, why would we use tubes that can be removed in the office?!).  I explained my concern that if they are left in much longer she would need to have a fat graph like Sam did when she was in second grade.  Turns out that they will have to do surgery to remove this particular tube if it doesn't come out on its own (soon) and that when they do that they would also do a fat graph at the same time (a two-fer if you will).  To my dismay, they won't do anything until the weather warms up (at this rate, that may be July or August!).  I was told to do ear drops for 10 days and to call and make an appointment at the end of March/first of April.

In addition to her ear bugging her, Brookelyn has complained of a headache dang near daily (and not just once a daily, ALL day) for about 4-6 weeks now.  I finally decided it's either got to be allergies or her eyes.  Seeing how her mother and three siblings all wear glasses, I figured we would start with what's easiest and make an appointment with the eye doctor.  Yesterday was her appointment.  She was quite bashful with Dr. Perry but she was really good to do everything he told her (he even dilated her eyes and she did super great!).  Turns out, her right eye is turning out.  I can't remember the exact name of the diagnosis - intermittent exotropia or something.  I have NEVER noticed her eye do this.  He said that if the headaches don't go away (or they get worse) in the next couple months, or if the eye turn gets to be 50% of her day or more that he wants us to go see Dr. Hoffman at the Moran Eye Center at PCMC.  In talking to Samantha last night, apparently this eye turn happens all the time.  Samantha was mortified I hadn't ever seen it because "it's totally creepy and freaks me out!"  When I asked her why she didn't say something her response was "I didn't want to be the girl with the weird little sister who has crazy eyes like the guy on Ridiculous 6!"  I was like SAMANTHA!  In talking to a friend of mine last night she tells me, "Yea, I've seen it do that.  I thought she was tired and chalked it up to that, that's why I never said anything."  And then today I'm talking to Nash and he's like, "Yea, it's weird when she does that."  I was like "What the heck!?  Am I the only one who hasn't witnessed this?!'  I had decided after talking to Sam and Danielle last night (Danielle noticed it TWO YEARS AGO) that I should call Dr. Hoffman's office and make an appointment.  So, I called this morning.  The soonest appointment they have isn't until March 21.  So, We will be going down to meet Dr. Hoffman on March 21.  Dr. Perry did tell me yesterday that the way they correct it is with eye surgery by shortening the eye muscle to get the eye to straighten out.  It doesn't sound like it's a huge deal and I've been told Dr. Hoffman is definitely the best of the best and who you want if you need to have surgery.  So, I guess we will wait it out a month and go see what Dr. Hoffman recommends.  Meanwhile I'm going to be watching sister's eyes like a hawk so I can witness this for myself!

Tonight we had the opportunity to go to my dad's commencement in his rehab program.  He's graduating to Step 12 in his 12 step program.  Grandpa and Marion and Darwin were there in addition to mom, our family and Cass's family.  Zacc had a migraine hit him and couldn't be there even though he really wanted to be.  Nick (one of his counselors) said some words and then opened it up to dad and the family.  Dad said a few words and then everyone but Chad and the kids got up and said something.  Then they opened it up to the group members.  They kept saying that dad doesn't say much but when he does it's full of wisdom and always profound.  I'm glad that he's been able to influence people in his rehab program.  Saturday will be 6 months clean and sober for dad.  I honestly never thought I'd live to see that day.  I really hope he stays sober and that the change is for good.  He's a totally different person and he's fun to be around again.  He seems much happier and mom does too.