Friday, November 6, 2015

Check Up with Peterson Wellness Clinic

Tonight we back back to the Peterson Wellness Clinic to visit with Janalee & see how Caleb was responding to the peroxide drops.  Let me just say this: If ever there was magic in medicine, this is it!

Caleb had both his right and left hands retested using the Meridian Stress Assessment.  Originally, his results looked like this (red means his body is stressed and out of balance on that meridian, yellow means his body is stressed but working to correct the problem & green means that he is balanced & has no problem in that area):

Both hands

Both feet

Overall (we were told on our first visit that it's fine to have something show up in boxes 1, 2 or 3.  You dont' want anything in 4, 5, or 6.  Apparently, Caleb's body has missed that memo.)

Janalee did NOT retest his feet tonight.  That will be done in 3 weeks when we go back for a full recheck.  However, she told me that based on the results she got tonight, EVERYTHING on that first picture is now GREEN.  This is EXCELLENT news!  She said that if he continues to improve like that that when he comes back in 3 weeks we will be able to go ahead with the other form of testing (NTSE?? I think) and get down to the nitty gritty of things & see what allergies he has that are real, legit allergies.

The other thing I talked with Janalee about tonight is that last week I noticed several small scabs on the crown of his head.  They were almost in a perfect circle.  I didn't know if it was a result of the testing, a reaction to the peroxide drops or, if it was something else altogether.  She asked if he has eczema & I told her yes.  She said that it's possible it's an outbreak of eczema and he's releasing toxins, etc., through it.  After she retested his hands and checked to see if his dose of the peroxide drops needed to be changed (yep, down from 2 drops 2x day to 2 drops 1 x a day) she tried some histamine drops with him.  She said that those should help with the itching on his head.  She also said that it should help any time he has an eczema outbreak or anything similar to that.

All in all, I'm very happy with his results so far.  He seems to have more energy.  I don't know if it's a result of his body coming more into balance or if it's something else.  I think he finally realizes that the eating problem is now a serious issue and he seems to take it a little more seriously.  I do worry that soon he will quit eating the go gurt & the string cheese (4//6 of his last home lunches the go gurt & string cheese have come home untouched).  I do feel like we are making some headway though.

I did spend about an hour on the phone with the dietician the other night.  I don't feel like he addressed any of my questions.  His only real change to any of the suggestions he had made to Travis was that if he can't tolerate the milk to give him Carnation Good Start instead.  He didn't ever really say why he feels like giving my under weight child empty calories is a good idea.  I guess he feels like any calories are better than no calories at this point.  And, to some degree I agree.  However, my concern is that Brookelyn is watching Caleb very close these days and she's beginning to pick up on some of his characteristics and mannerisims.  I'm not ok with teaching her at this age -at any age really- that if she doesn't like what's in front of her all she has to do is drink chocolate milk instead.  Chocolate milk is not a cure all or an answer to everything, especially when the child in question is actually allergic to milk!  I understand the dietician has Caleb's best interst in mind, but if I don't advocate for him and what I know to be bset for him, no one will.  I spend the most time with him and I know him better than anyone else, so I have a pretty good idea of what he is and isn't willing to do/try.  I know we need to be open to new things/ideas, but sometimes, you have to choose your battles.

And, on another positive note, LeGrand Johnson (or maybe Hyrum City) FINALLY (after a mere 6 weeks of no action and 4 weeks of me calling and making a pain of myself) came out and "fixed" the mess they created when they "fixed" our road.  There is no longer (for now anyway) a 4-6" drop off into my driveway - hallelujah!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Caleb goes to the Peterson Wellness Clinic

This past Thursday (29th) we went to the Peterson Wellness Clinic.  I wasn't too sure what to expect when we got there.  We saw a nice lady named Janalee.  We were taken back to Janalee's office.  I explained what has been going on.  I told her I had brought copies of Caleb's allergy testing (both times).  She said something I thought was interesting.  She said that often times when allergy testing that if you haven't eaten certain foods for a specific amount of time prior to the allergy test that they won't show up at all.  Considering that the first time Caleb was allergy tested he showed a positive allergy test to cow's milk we had eliminated a vast majoirty of dairy from his diet - not all dairy, but lots.  The second time he was allergy tested cow's milk didn't show up.  We thought he had perhaps outgrown it.  However, I have since discovered that if he does over do it with the cow's milk products, he goes right back to the same symptoms he had before (lots of congestion which eventually turns to sinus infection and leads to antibiotics, etc).

She had Caleb take of his shoes & socks and sit up on a stool.  She took one of his hands and sprayed it with water and then placed a copper tube of sorts in his hand.  She used another copper "thing" to test his Meridians.  This meant that she got her end of the copper wet and then placed it on a specific point on one of Caleb's hands (the one not holding the copper tube) or one of his feet).  There were 60 different points to test between his two feet and both his hands.  Out of the 60 areas, he is off balance in 46 areas.  I can't say I'm surprised.  The 2 worst areas were digestion & cellular metabolism.

After she finished testing his Meridans, she went back and did some testing to see what his body would respond best to for treatment.  She found that, for now, his body responds best to a 100% peroxide drop.  Janalee explained that he needs to take 2 of the peroxide drops 2 times a day until we go back.  We go back one week after the first appointment to make sure the drops are doing their thing.  Then we go back another week after that to test the drops again.  Then we will wait 2 weeks & go back for a retest on his Meridians to see if they have improved.

This is not going to be an inexpensive path to treatment.  However, I am feeling good about this and I think we have a good shot at remedying some of the underlying issues he is having.  Janalee explained that one of his numbers needs to be over 900 in order to be considered balanced.  Caleb is currently at 601.  We obviously have a ways to go.  She said that once his numbers are over 900 then we should consider re allergy testing him and seeing if he still has any true allergies giving him fits.  She was glad to hear that we are already having him see a chiropractor regularly.

Travis told the boys I had taken Caleb to a witch doctor.  Turd.   Witch dr. or not, if she can help my son to become healthy, I don't care!  We've been doing the drops twice a day and he's been really good about it.  Hopefully he will keep being good about all the dr. visits & he will keep doing what they say!