Sunday, February 24, 2008

The dreaded influenza

Hello family & friends!
I sure hope your winter is going better than how ours seems to be going! I thought we'd be done with illness after Nash's go round in January. It would seem not. Travis came home from work on Thursday after being gone for only an hour and climbed into bed - which is where he stayed until about Friday afternoon when I told him to go shower! I forced him to go to instacare on Friday afternoon and they decided that he had influenza (apparently, there's an incredible outbreak). Well, last night (Sat.) the kids both had fevers by 8 pm! Grrr!! So, now I'm in the process of trying to get instacare to give me tamiflu for both kids (without having to go in there & pay the $60 to see a dr. and another $100 to get 2 more doses of tamiflu just to be told what I already know!) since that's what they gave Travis and he was doing better by last night. What complicates it further? I rescheduled Samantha's friend birthday party (she was supposed to have on it Sat.) for Wed. AND we're supposed to be leaving for our week long trip to Florida on Friday!! Let's hope instacare comes through!!!
Have a better week than we have!

Update: InstaCare finally called me about about 4:30 pm (figures since all the pharmacies close at 6 on Sundays) and said they would not give either one of the kids a perscription for Tamiflu without seeing them (and testing them) first. So, we made it to InstaCare by 5 pm and were lucky enough to get out of there by 6:30 pm. Hey - that's a short wait compared to what I have had before! Anyway, they both tested negative for strep and Nash tested positive for Influenza A. The poor kid had Influenza B last year and he even got his shot last season too! So, since we were lucky enough to see the same dr. that saw Travis on Friday, all 3 of them are now being treated for Influenza with Tamiflu. Yea. Let's just hope that I stay germ free! I did make Travis take a bottle of lysol to everything in the house while I was gone & I stripped all bedding, pillows, towels, etc. and washed them all in hot/hot water. I told Travis, "Spare only the toothbrushes." We'll be buying new ones later this week!


Heather said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Nothing is worse than the REAL flu! You guys have definitely had it rough.

Angela said...

I'm so sorry to hear your going though this---yucky! There has been a bad thing going on out here too. Hope you all get feeling better REALLY soon and have a great trip to Florida!!!