Sunday, March 30, 2008

Samantha does math homework with dad

On Wednesday, Samantha had a homework assignment that involved coloring some bears & cutting them out and then doing some addition and subtraction problems as she listened to a story. Once Samantha had everything cut out, I did the story with her. She did pretty well, so when Travis came home, I told her to show her dad her homework assignment. I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes while Travis and Samantha were sitting at the counter. Travis reads through the directions and then starts to do the story with her. When he gets to where he's gone through the whole story with her, he continues with his own version. He preceeds to tell Samantha that the bears got on the bus one at a time until all the bears are on the bus and some are riding on top. Well, then he gets creative. He tells Samantha that the bus driver slams on the breaks and the three bears on the top of the bus go flying off & the bus driver runs them over and then continues down the road. At the next bus stop, one of the bears that was run over gets on the bus (he has no legs now because they were squashed off in the accident). So now Trav asks Samantha how many bears are on the bus. Samantha of course, counts all the bears telling Trav there are 5 bears on the bus. Travis tells her, No, count again. So, Samantha counts again and this time tells him there are 3 bears on the bus. Again Travis tells her, No, count again. Samantha is confused at this point and just kind of looks at him. At which time Travis counts out 4 1/2 bears. This is where I had to but in and say, "Travis, there are NO imaginary bears on the bus! There are no square root bears on the bus - there are only whole bears on the bus!"
For those of you that don't know, Travis is a bit of a math nerd. He absolutely loves math and will do the same problem 3 or 4 different ways, just for the fun of it. It was cute to watch him with her and funny to see Sam's reaction. At least I know he'll be good help with math homework next year!

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