Friday, April 11, 2008

24 weeks...and counting

Well, here's an updated fat girl pic. Lately I have people asking me when I'm due & when I tell them July 24th they look at me like - "Ooh..that sucks." As if I didn't already know that one! One lady was kind enough to say, "Well at least it isn't too hot then." Um? Hello? Have you been in Utah long? Oh well, at least I have air conditioning, right??


Nic said...

Aaaawwww . . . You got the whole 'cute expectant mother' look going on.

Heather said...

Obviously, she moves out of Utah for the months of July and August. Unlike her, I pity you being pregnant in the summer. But I'm sure excited for the new addition. That is just so fun!! You look great!

Justin & Ashlee said...

You look great. Any good names picked out? Before you know it he will be here! How exciting.