Friday, April 4, 2008

Cache County School District Interview

Well, today I went and interviewed with Cache County School District. Actually, it was a "screening interview." If the person I interview with at this point in the process likes me, then I "pass" this interview and then when jobs become available, they might actually interview me at the school where the position is open instead of sending me a rejection letter without ever letting me interview! (Can you tell I've had some frustration with this school district? TWO years and only 1 interview - and that was the screening interview last year!) I actually had the good fortune of interviewing with the principal at Greenville Elementary (a 3-5 school walking distance from my in-laws house in North Logan). I say good fortune, because he happens to know my brother in law - and thought highly of him. He was also my in laws' neighbor at one point. I feel like we kicked off the interview with a bang and finished it even better. He told me I had an excellent background (we have some similar work experiences) and told me I have nothing to worry about, that I'll be just fine. The only thing he reccommended was that I get my ESL endorsement - I told him I had started but just haven't had the opportunity to finish it up yet. I think I have a good shot at getting a call back for another interview with this principal so I thought I'd spread the word!
Hope you have a great week!

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