Thursday, April 24, 2008

Never Ending Projects

So Travis finally decided he was going to get around to "trimming" the trees in the yard. He started with the giant red maple in the backyard last weekend. I think he's almost done with that one! Now only about 4 more to go!! Nash has LOVED driving the lift with Grandpa Larry. Even Samantha has gotten in on the action (in fact, she was quite put out when Grandpa skipped her turn to drive the lift!!)

This one is of Travis in the lift at the very tip top of the giant red maple. I think he ended up taking about 8 feet or so off the top of the tree. He had to tie onto the branches before he cut them off so they wouldn't fall down & break the fence down (not that the fence is in all that great of condition anyway!)

Nash & Grandpa Larry driving the lift. I figure this scenario was safer than when Grandpa took a break & Travis was climbing up the tree with the chainsaw on! Travis swears the chainsaw has a safety. I told him that's what he said about the nail gun!

Our growing wood pile for winter!

Some how we have to figure out how to get all the "junk piles" to the actual dump. I think we'd have the fire dept. show up (again) if we burnt it all without getting a burn permit first??


Heather said...

Hey, Logan Landfill is in the middle of the green waste pick up. You should call them and see if they do that in your area as well. Then all you have to do is put it out on the street and they take it away.

Nic said...

Hey so I tried that "I type 86 words per minute" thing you got on your blog and it told me I type 86 as well. Do you think it tells everyone that and it's all just a ploy to get free advertising on people's site?!