Monday, June 30, 2008

Another weekend, another project!

Well, this past weekend we started trenching so Travis could put in 2 more secondary water bibs so I don't have to drag the hose all over the entire yard. Right now all we have is one tap out front. We've hooked 2 hoses together so I can water everything I've planted & it's a huge pain in the butt & takes about an hour to water every night. The kids spent Friday night at Trav's mom & dad's house so early Sat. we were out working hard.
Here are a few pix of what my yard looks like now - a virtual ankle breaker for both kids & myself!

This is where our only secondary water tap is - out front & right on the edge of the property.

Going across the entire backyard.

This is our little garden. I managed to get all my flowerbeds & the garden weed free before it got too hot in the day.

One of my flowerbeds.

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Heather said...

So, I have a sneaky suspicion Travis doesn't mind all this yard work when he gets to play with all the big machines! Does he ever just weed the flower beds or is that "boring stuff" left to the 8 month pregnant wife?? :) It's exciting how everything is coming together. Things look good!