Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, I called the hospital back at 1. They said they'd call me when they had a spot. Well, I called back at 2:30. The head nurse told me then that they had someone in recovery that would be going upstairs soon & that she'd get me in then so to call her at about 3:45. Called back at 3:30 & the nurses & changed shifts. The nurse that answered the phone told me they'd call me when they had a spot for me. I tried to patiently explain I was first on the list at 6 this morning & that they keep telling me to call back in an hour & "we'll get you in then." So, that nurse went & got the head nurse. The new head nurse was SO rude. She basically told me, "You're not a priority b/c you aren't a medical necessity induction, you're an elective induction & I'll take you when I want to." So, as you can imagine, that made me really mad. I called my dr.'s office after that & talked to my dr.'s nurse. I told her that my dr. had told me last week that he wouldn't be available tonight b/c he had to go pick his daughter up so when I called the office earlier to find out who was on call I found out that the dr. on call all weekend is the dr. I've seen that I did not like & did not want her to deliver me. So, I asked her if my dr. isn't going to be available if I can have this other dr. in the office deliver me instead of the one I don't like. She talked to my dr. & called me back. She said that my dr. will be available all night but has a surgery in the morning & won't be available after that. So, I asked again, if I don't get into the hospital & deliver tonight if I can have this other dr. deliver me. That's when she told me, "Well, we'd have to ask him & he isn't in today, but he is in tomorrow so we could ask him then. But, you're going to get in tonight & have him tonight." That's when I bluntly told her, "Well, I'm not getting my hopes up anymore and I'm pretty pissed off at the hospital right now."
So, here it is 5 pm & I still haven't even been to the hospital today but I'm sure my blood pressure is really high after all the phone calls I've had! The nurse I talked to last said I could keep calling the hospital to check to see if they could take me but otherwise to wait for them to call me. I told her "yea right. You guys keep telling me you'll call me back today & you haven't called me one time!" So, I will keep calling the hospital back until they take me! I am not happy about the prospect of laboring all night long but I suppose if they can't take me until 10 pm that's when I'll go b/c if I wait until tomorrow I'll have to go through all this crap again!
Hopefully my next post will be of baby pictures! Hope you had a more productive day than I have!!

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