Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Reunions, Lost Teeth & School

My brother came home to visit 2 weekends ago. He moved to Magna in July & came home to see his new nephew. My kids LOVE their Uncle Zack & were super excited to have him home for a day or two.

This last weekend we went down to Manti for the Bown family reunion. Caleb is a good little camper & even went on his first 4 wheeler ride. We've taken all our kids on the 4 wheeler since they were just tiny & they all love it (I love it b/c it knocks them out pretty quick!!)

Samantha & Nash caught fish with their dad & were quite proud of themselves.

It wouldn't have been a trip with the Bown's if we hadn't had at least a little bit of rain (downpour on Sat. night). We made flip flop photo albums (I'll take a pic of mine as soon as it's finished & post it). These are way fun & super easy. I think I might do some for Christmas presents.

We got home Sunday night about 9:30 pm (that's way early for us!) & I told Samantha I thought if she wiggled her tooth a little it would just pop right out. Of course she had trauma over this & told me no way. The next night as we were getting ready to leave, she says to me, "Mom! My tooth just fell out!" I knew that sucker was ready to come out! The toothfairy stopped by last night & left her a $1. She was pretty excited this morning & really likes showing off the new hole in her mouth!

I went down to West Haven today to meet with the other 3rd grade teachers. We finally have our occupancy permit so we can finally start putting our rooms together. I have one set of cupboards as you can see from the picture & just one 2 shelf bookshelf. I will need to be recruiting more bookshelves for my classroom b/c my class library is enormous & only getting bigger! We still don't have books in our school library, the part of the student desks that holds all their "stuff", our student textbooks, computers....pretty much a lot! All our work room has in it is a laminator that isn't hooked up & a big paper cutter!! I'm really hoping we have everything in place by the 25th, otherwise it could be an interesting start to the school year!


Tannie Datwyler said...

It sounds like you are busy busy!! When does the school year start for you?

Justin & Ashlee said...

Pretty exciting to be able to things all set up in your new classroom but I do hope it all comes in time! Good luck!