Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, I made it! It's SO nice to think that I have 2 whole weeks before I have to go back to school!! Now I just hope I can catch up on everything at home.

It has snowed SO much here in the last few days. On Friday I drove Trav's truck to work because I knew we were going to get dumped on & the truck has 4 wheel drive.

Friday after I got home from work Trav shoveled out the driveway & we went into town. We dropped the kids off at his mom & dad's house & went out to finish our Christmas shopping. I only forgot 1 present. Not bad considering we left at like 9 pm!! We got home about 2 am with Caleb & went to bed. Today I spent pretty much all day wrapping presents. Glad to have that one crossed off the list!!

The first weekend in December we went down to Manti to get our Christmas tree. It was the first year we took the kids up on the mountain with us to do so. Actually, after thinking about it I realized Trav's parents had gotten us one each year since the year Sam was born, so it's been awhile since we've been down to pick out our own tree. We had a ton of fun though. The kids were thrilled to ride the 4 wheelers - even in the cold, and they thought it was pretty cool their dad would climb a tree and cut it down just so they could have their Christmas tree. There was only a little bit of snow to trudge through too. In years past I've tromped in snow that was nearly waist high!! You should have seen me on the mountain the year I was 7 months pregnant with Samantha!!

Caleb is eating cereal & baby food now. Sometimes he isn't too sure of the whole idea (like when Trav fed him carrots - STRAIGHT.) but he's doing good with it and getting chubbier every day!

I'm hoping to start my baking tomorrow. Hopefully the kids will cooperate & I can get it all done & the house cleaned before Christmas Eve. I know, that's an ambitious thought!!

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Heather said...

Christmas break is such a wonderful thing! I'm glad you are surviving your school year. Congrats on making it pretty much halfway through. Good luck getting everything done that you want to in a couple weeks. Be sure to relax, too!