Friday, January 23, 2009

I hate January!!

Let the games begin!!
My mom kept the boys on Thursday because I found out my girlfriend's little boy had pnemonia, right. Well, I called about lunch time to see how the boys were doing. Much to my dismay, my mom said that Caleb's cough was getting worse - really tight & wheezy and Nash couldn't quit coughing even though she'd given him RX Hydrocodone cough medicine. So, I left school right after it got out (I was supposed to stay and work with my newspaper kids & go to a meeting with the parent organization at 6:30). I got home about 4:30 and took both kids with me and went into town to visit Instacare. After nearly 2 hours (and MUCH frustration with NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY Nash) I was told both boys have a double ear infection AND RSV. ARRGGHH!! It's a good thing my sister owns her own nebulizer so that I could borrow it instead of rent one. Both boys are on antibiotics & liquid Albuterol in the nebulizer.

I had to take them back in today for a follow up with my pediatrician. Caleb's oxygen level was 96% so that was good. HOWEVER, the dr. at Instacare decided we should try Caleb on Augmentin since this is his 5th (YES FIFTH) ear infection since October. Why is this a problem? Augmentin has Penicillin in it which myself & Nash & Samantha are all allergic to. We get hives when we take Penicillin, so I also have to watch Caleb to see if he breaks out in hives from the Augmentin.

My Pediatrician was telling me what things to watch for to make sure Caleb isn't getting worse. He said that only about 50-60% of kids get RSV. Of those 50-60% only about 1% actually end up in the hospital. At this point he looks at me with a smile & says, "So that means you probably have a 90% chance of ending up there!" Like I told my girlfriend last night, I have GOT to quit having kids because they are costing me a fortune! He was kind enough to offer to put us up in the same room we spent time in last January when Nash had Rheumatic Fever!

Good times, right! Have a great weekend!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Oh man, I am sorry that the boys are so sick. That doesn't sound like fun at all. I hope they start feeling better soon. Maybe they just need a day or two in the Carribean :) I like the new layout.

Heather said...

Yuck, Yuck Yuck! I am so very sorry. I hope you get over this hump soon and the rest of the winter is a cinch!

Chad & Cassidy said...

your blog makes me sad :(