Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm in Denial!

Today is Samantha's 6th (SIXTH!) birthday! Wow!! I can't believe she's 6 already. I swear she was just born yesterday! I am happy to say though that the weather today is not repeating itself from six years ago (thank goodness - no more snow!).

Sam loves kindergarten & seems to be cruising right along. She is now bringing home the little phonic reader books & is doing an awesome job with them. I'm half tempted to ask if she can bring home 2 books at a time. (Over zealous mother syndrome??) She has a great time at After School Club and has done some super fun stuff (tin foil boats, soap carving (go 3rd grade simple machines curriculum), made musical instruments & their own music video, etc.

Sam is so friendly that sometimes it scares me. That kid can make a friend wherever she goes in a matter of minutes. She is getting rather bossy though so I guess it's a good thing the kids she makes friends with are willing to let her boss them around!

I am hoping we are over the hump with all the ear infection/tube problems but somehow I doubt it. She has graciously passed those issues onto both her brothers as well.

She is quite the language monster these days as well. She is forever asking me how to say something in Spanish or to give her definitions for words. It always amazes me that after hearing a word only once she can use it in context correctly.

Despite being built like her mother, she loves dance class and can always be found singing and/or dancing around the room. She has recently started asking me about taking gymnastics so we may add to our repetoire of lessons in the near future.

She loves her brothers & can make Caleb smile like no one else can. In fact, the other night she got him to eat more than my mom could! She is slowly learning to play with "boy toys" but is usually cunning enough that she can get her brothers to play with her toys.

She is a girlie-girl through and through (thanks Aunt Jamie & Grandma Kris), but we love her any way!!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Roger Pulsipher said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Hope you have had a fun day!

Lesa said...

I can't believe you have a six year would think I could but I can't! Happy belated Birthday Sam!