Monday, March 16, 2009

He's Mobile!!

Well, it finally happened...much to my disappointment! Caleb now gets up on all 4s & rocks back & forth. He then flops down on his belly & army crawls across the floor at a pace all too rapid for his poor mother to keep up with!

He also just recently got patty cake down. When he does something & we smile at him he gets quite proud of himself & claps until we notice & clap along with him. He loves to play patty cake too though & just giggles and giggles when you "toss it in the oven."

He has got such a cute little belly laugh. It completely cracks me up. And this new found smile (that just so happens to evade my camera every stinkin' time) reminds me of my niece Jade SO much!

I can't believe he will be 8 months old on Wednesday! Once again time has gone by MUCH too quickly!! Before I know it he will be the one in Kindergarten!!

Speaking of Kindergarten...we went to Samantha's parent teacher conferences last week. She is doing much better academically than last fall. I was worried after I saw test scores last fall but not only has she caught up to where she should be, she has passed benchmark! So, I'm now bringing home set 3 of the phonics books (much to HER dismay) to push her a little. She is working on set 2 with her reading group at school but she does so well with them I thought I'd give her a bit of a challenge. I guess that's one down side to having a mother for a teacher!!

Nash has been doing really well with his year end testing as well. I can tell he isn't where Samantha was when she was his age and that bothers me a lot (mostly guilt kicking in here). I guess it just tells me how much I need to work with him over the summer! I'm sure he'll be thrilled about that one! Dang that luck for having a mom for a teacher here too...

Travis got to come home this past weekend. He was ready for a visit too. He hadn't been home in 2 weeks & was getting pretty home sick for the kids & I. We were all pretty bummed out when he left Sunday night since he didn't know when he'd be able to come back home. But, we got a phone call today & he told us that they've put him on a crew & he should be coming home a week from Wednesday & it will be for a WHOLE week! We are all super excited for that one!

We are managing well despite being spread so thin. I think at this point we're just glad we both have jobs so we can pay all our bills & keep a roof over our head. Like everyone else we're hoping the economy turns around sooner rather than later so we can get our dad closer to home.

I'm hoping I can catch that sneeky smile of Calebs & get a picture of the kids in their St. Patrick's day shirts. I'll post as soon as I capture those smiles!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Good job Caleb! I'm glad Travis got to come home for the weekend. That was probably nice. Can't wait to see the smiles!

Justin & Ashlee said...

What's about? I was looking on it a little. Do you like it?

Heather said...

It's so hard to have your hubby gone. I'm glad he will have a more extended stay next time. I can't believe Caleb is that big. What a fun age! How is your class this year? Are you having fun?