Thursday, April 16, 2009

Growing fast...

Well, Caleb's stubborn tooth finally came in on Tuesday. Yay! I hope that means that the rest will come quickly and we will be on our merry way to the next phase of life! Teething is the worse! And to top it off, he's been teeth since he came out (I'm not even joking on this one).
And, the even bigger news - he now crawls on his knees like a regular big boy! How sad! :(
Since it's nearly midnight on a school night I will have to post pictures this weekend, but I wanted to share the news!


Justin & Ashlee said...

We come home May 14 to around mid August. Yea!!! So is that Calebs first tooth? Rylee has been teething since she was like 3 months old but hasn't got a one! We keep thinking the bottom two will come through but nope! Have a relaxing weekend off :)

Chad & Cassidy said...

Noooo! Stop him now before it's too late. Mine won't quit growing either- can you believe it?
He can't crawl yet! cuz i said so