Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip to the Dentist

So last week Nash apparently told Trav that his tooth hurt. Mind you if you know Nash, you know the kid doesn't really complain about stuff unless is seriously hurts. For example, some of you may remember the kid went around with a broken arm for a WEEK before I finally defied Travis and took the poor child to the doctor.

Anyway, a few days after Nash complains to Trav he casually mentions to me that Nash complained about his tooth and tells me to make him and Nash an appointment for when he'll be back home in two weeks. Well, listening to my mother's intuition I decided that I wasn't going to wait two weeks.

My fabulous mother took Nash to the dentist today and the kid has 3 (THREE) cavities! I am almost 29 years old & I have never had a cavity (not even in any of my baby teeth that fell out). So I am freaking out today because this is my first cavity experience. It does not help that the dentist's office sent home paperwork to show that my cost of the cavity fixing will be over $300! And that's WITH dental insurance!

They have to completely knock him out because he has a cavities in 3 different places in his mouth so they have to numb his entire mouth. Apparently the insurance doesn't cover the whole sedation part of the procedure. They can only cap 1 because the other 2 are at the gum line and the caps will just come off.

So, on my way home I stopped at the Brigham WalMart and invested in a few new bribary tools. I bought:
1 electric spiderman toothbrush
1 regular spiderman toothbrush (to leave at daycare)
1 new bottle of green toothpaste (to leave at daycare)
1 electric hello kitty toothbrush
1 regular Ariel toothbrush
1 bottle of mouthwash that stains any plaque left on your teeth after you brush
1 tube of infant toothpaste
Needless to say, the kids were pretty psyched about brushing their teeth tonight! I'm going to make a little chart to hang on the bathroom mirror so they can color or mark the days that they actually brush their teeth at least once. I also moved their flouride pills into the same cabinet as their toothpaste!

It isn't that the kids don't ever brush their teeth, they just aren't killing each other to be first in line to do it. I'm sure it hasn't helped that I'm not too fabulous at remembering to give them their flouride either!

So, I've chalked this up to another great example of why I should get the Mother of the Year award! I did have my mom call & make Sam an appointment for a checkup though after hearing about Nash! Cross your fingers we don't have a repeat situation!!

On another front, Caleb's ears. That child is duplicating what his sister did and it's driving me insane! We went in for his 2 week post op appointment and his right tube was clogged. Went back in a week later and his right tube was still clogged. Went back in a week later and his right tube was still clogged. Have another appointment next week. Any bets on how that's going to turn out?? ;)

Have a dentist free week!!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Good luck with the cavities. The mouthwash stain is a great idea! That is what I'd recommend :) Also let him do it but you have a turn too. You probably do though. We'll see you soon! I am sitting here waiting for the water heater to warm up and then hop on the plane and come! Yippee!

Chad & Cassidy said...

I'd consider having another dentist look at Nash... and my guess with Caleb- still clogged :(