Monday, June 8, 2009

1st day of summer vacation!

Today karma has kicked my butt! ;)

Travis came home for the weekend and when he left yesterday he took my car (cheaper on gas since he's coming home Tue. so we can go to Lake Powell). He neglected to leave a key to the truck for me! I didn't figure it out until I was trying to leave so I could be at my new school at 9 am! That was buckets of fun! My poor mother was a trooper when I called at 7:15 am and asked if I could borrow a car! (Thanks mom!!)

Luckily I wasn't late to the school & I didn't even get lost (and I even wavered from my mapquest directions!). I got to see my classroom! It is painted blue. Interesting, but much more fun than just white! Half my room was being used as storage for another teacher's stuff, but the fabulous custodian said he'd have my room ready for me to move into by Monday the 15th of June!! Amazing!! I got to meet my mentor teacher. She teaches 5th grade and she was super nice. My principal (Misti Young) gave me some books for reading (perfect timing since we're going to Powell this week!). I got the tour of the school. We have a cafeteria & a gym (unusual for an elementary school). The library is HUGE compared to the one I just came from! The school was built in 1955 and you can tell it's an older school, but it already feels like home (never did say that about the last one)! I'm so excited to be at this job and I've hit the ground running! I brought home a big box of curriculum books today so I can start getting a feel for things! Can't wait to meet my grade level cohorts!

My mom had asked me to stop at the JoAnn's fabric on Riverdale before I came home so I could pick up some ironing board material for a never ending project. Well, apparently I had a massive brainfart. I bought the wrong stuff (12 yds of the wrong stuff!). I tried calling mom 3 times while I was at JoAnn's to double check things with her and couldn't ever get her to answer. She finally answered when I got to Farr West! So, I sat in the Park & Ride in Farr West for 30 min. and waited for mom to show up so we could go BACK to Riverdale to trade the fabric! Luckily they had what she needed and they let us trade it all! Then I had mom detour up to my new school so I could show her my classroom. She agreed with me that I'm in the middle of the ghetto! I think all of Ogden is pretty much ghetto though!

Finally made it back to pick up the kids at 4:30 (so much for not being all day!). Then we went down to my mom's house because she said she went through all her clothes and found a bunch that didn't fit her any more that she thought might fit me. Let me just say, normally I hate shopping for clothes because I always have such a hard time finding stuff to fit because I am so long waisted! Well, not only did I find a bunch of clothes that fit, they were free AND they were several sizes smaller than what I've got at home! LOVE IT when that happens!

My mom let me leave Nash & Sam at her place so Caleb could take a nap and she even said she'd bring them home in a little bit so I don't have to drive down and get them. How fabulous is my mother today?! Thanks mom!!


Tannie Datwyler said...

Woah! That's a busy first day of the summer, but I'm glad you like your new school. :)

Heather said...

Congrats on the new job. I hope you LOVE it!!