Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What have we been doing?

Well, here are a few (like 60) pix to show you what we've been doing the last week!

Caleb has managed to cut 3 teeth in 1 week - yeah, that was buckets of fun!

Went to the dr. with both boys today & Caleb has a double ear infection & Nash has a tube clogged. How much fun is that?! SO, SO, SO glad we're getting new tubes for Caleb on Thursday the 16th of July.

We did celebrate Caleb's 1st bday early. Trav went back to WY today so he'll be gone on Caleb's actualy bday. Besides, since he's getting tubes Thursday I didn't know how great he'd feel on his actual bday (Sat.). He got lots of fun, cute presents. It was fun to see everyone. I can't believe it's already been a year! WOW. Where did the time go?? Oh yeah, I know, commuting!!

Sam lost her loose snaggle tooth. Her other front tooth is loose too so I'm sure it's going to be gone in less than a month as well. I did get Sam back in to the dentist for a check up. Come to find out one of her teeth doesn't have a permanent one above it (the tooth between the one that's gone & the i-tooth). Sounds like we're going to cross our fingers that it doesn't get pushed out when the front & i-tooth permanents come in & just expand it when she gets bigger. Nothing too tramatizing (I hope!).

We took the kids to Bear Lake on Sunday. We hadn't been since Sam was about 3 years old & I just got a hankering to go, so we did! We went with Trav's parents & his brother's family. The kids had a blast. They were however once again reminded what a cruel mother I am b/c I put all 3 of them on the tube at one point! We actually ended up having some beautiful weather while we were there -- the nicest I've ever had over there actually. But, as we were clamping everything down to head out we got a downpour dumped on us! Guess we had perfect timing in getting off the water!

It may be another week or two before I can update again. We have Caleb's second set of tubes on Thur., Nash is running a fever of 104, Caleb gets his 1 yr. shots on Tuesday (he was up to 19.5 lbs today -- what a runt!) and I have a dr.'s appointment on Wednesday. Beginning July 29th I get to start going to school functions (prof. dev. and such). I'm bummed but excited at the same time. I can't believe my summer is almost over already! I guess my one last hoo-rah will have to be my 10 year wedding anniversary on the 30th!! Wow, I feel old!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the picture of Caleb asleep in the stroller. :) That is crazy that he is already a year! Is 19.5 small for a boy at a year? My daughter was almost spot on 20 pounds at a year, and that was about the 40th precentile. Linus is BIG - I think he is nearly (or more than, who knows) 20 pounds and he is only 9 months. He is a chub!

Googlereader - if you have a gmail account you can sign up. Go under Google, then click on "more" and scroll down to reader. After you sign up you can "subscribe" to blogs and what the reader will do is tell you when someone has updated and even pull it up so you can read it and you don't have to actually go to their blog unless you want to make a comment. Does that make sense at all? I hope that helps. :) I like it because then I don't have to be constantly checking my friend's blogs all the time.