Sunday, August 23, 2009

Exciting Times...

I can't believe that summer is gone! It went much too fast for me!

Tomorrow is my first day of school (again!). I am anxious about working with big 6th graders! I think I'll manage fine, it's just new so it's out of my comfort zone!! I could still use at least another week getting ready for things, but I guess I'll have to make due! Luckily for me, the things I still want to prepare I don't need for a little while!

Samantha had her first day on Thursday. My mom got her ready that morning & took her picture so as soon as I have a picture of that, I will get it posted. She is going to Canyon Elementary this year instead of Lincoln. She really loved Lincoln last year but since my mom couldn't keep her before school this year, we had to figure out something different. At least this year she won't have to be at the school building until 5 every day! She'll get to go to daycare with the boys after school gets out, so that will be a nice change for her this year. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Kowalis and I think she's a first year teacher. Despite being a teacher myself, it really bugs me to think that my kid is in a first year teacher's class. Terrible, I know! I'm going to have to remind myself that I was a first year teacher once too & just be patient!! Patience is a virtue I'm still perfecting!

Nash has his preschool meet & greet tomorrow afternoon. He is so excited to be going back to Teacher Barbara. I think next year when he goes to Kindergarten & has a different teacher he's going to be completely bummed out! He calls preschool Kindergarten & when I try to tell him it isn't Kindergarten, it' preschool - well, you should just see/hear his reaction!

Caleb is quite the big boy these days. He was only taking about 8 steps (at most) a day or two before Trav came home last Tue. Now he's cruising all over the place like a maniac! He thinks he knows how to do stairs too so I have to be really careful to watch that the other 2 don't leave the doors open b/c I just know he'll goes nose first down the cement stairs & land on his head! Yes, he does in fact take after his big brother! Lucky me!!!

On Friday my aunt & uncle left for China. They went to pick up their new adopted daughter, FuJiao. They will be getting her at about 1:30 am Monday our time. We are SO excited to have a new member of our extended family, especially Samantha who can't wait for another girl! FuJiao is only about a week or so older than Samantha but will be a grade behind her in school. All I know is that Samantha is as excited as if it was HER sister that will be arriving soon!!

That's about all that's going on for now. I will have to get some pix of my classroom up soon. Oh, & Samantha starts dance class again on Wed. so I'm sure we'll have a new first day of dance picture up soon as well!

Have a great week!

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Chad & Cassidy said...

I forgot you're teaching 6th, I was thinking 3rd still... hummm