Monday, November 23, 2009

In honor...

Since Thanksgiving is on the 26th this year, here are 26 things I'm thankful for:

1-Insta Care, great pediatricians & amazing ENTs
2-Decent paying jobs
3-Cars that get nearly 40 mpg
4-Fantastic babysitters ;)
5-3 day weekends
6-My mom & her willingness to babysit on short notice & ability to supervise my sewing adventures!
7-My chiropractor
8-Ibuprofen 800
9-My kids' smiles
10-Tylenol & teething tablets
11-Cell phones & their texting ability
12-My family
13-All modern technology (including indoor plumbing!)
14-My kids' willingness to forgive me when I'm grouchy
15-My house
16-My husband who sacrifices much
17-Long hot baths
18-Warm summer nights
19-Fresh snow
21-The new tires on my car
22-My next door neighbors that regularly entertains Nash & Samantha
23-Dexamethazone & nebulizers
24-My dad's willingness to change the oil in my care & rotate my tires on the weekend!
25-Dead bugs - they provide much (cheap) entertainment for Nash!
26-They way I was raised - boy it could have been worse! ;)

I tag anyone that wants to play!

1 comment:

Nic said...

What a coincidence. I'm thankful for your mom, too...