Friday, November 13, 2009

No more baby!

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Halloween was fun. We carved pumpkins before Trav left last time. The kids modeled their costumes for him before he left too. I took the kids to trick or treat in downtown Logan during the day. Caleb was really good. He just sat in the stroller and was quite mellow. Of course, he didn't feel too great. That night I left Caleb with my mom & took the other 2 to my aunt Nikki's house to trick or treat with her kids. The kids had a lot of fun. Nash's legs pooped out after about a block. He got to the point that he wouldn't even get out of the wagon at each house! Stinker. We still had fun though.

My baby is no longer a baby! Travis said this morning he was out watching TV when all of a sudden here comes Caleb. Little stink climbed out of his crib! So, tonight we took his crib down to a toddler bed. I think he was tired enough when I put him to bed that is the reason why he has stayed! Tomorrow may be a different story!!

Trav came home on Tuesday (yay). It was perfect timing because Nash got really sick Wednesday night. Trav's scheduled to go read to Sam's class Tue. morning. Sam's pretty stoked about that. He didn't shave the entire 2 weeks he was gone and he really needed a haircut before he left last time. So, he came home looking like a homeless mountain man. We'll have to get him cleaned up before he goes this time. During the last 2 weeks when he was at work, he managed to work a mere 183 hours. We are bummed he won't be home for Thanksgiving, but would much rather have him home for Christmas (which he will be) so we won't complain too much.

Nash is still loving preschool. He's getting really good at writing his name and numbers. It's funny to watch him because he's noticing letters in everything now and likes to point out "Hey, that's in my name. Look Sam!" It's really cute. The other thing he's doing lately is when we're watching TV or looking at magazines he'll tell me "Mom! I want that SOOO bad!" It's pretty funny to hear him because he totally makes it sound like he is the only kid on the planet that doesn't already have one and he absolutely needs to have it NOW.

Sam's dance recital is coming up on Dec. 16th at LaShars. I got to watch her dance for 15 min. about 2 weeks ago. Their dances are coming along pretty good. I'm sure glad she likes it. The girl has got rhythm!

Update on Sam: Met with her teacher, their school reading specialist and the principal today. Apparently the lady that is their reading specialist works with the teachers at the school where she went last year, so she was familiar with Sam and her data. She said that they place the kids at the beginning of the school year in the same level that they tested at at the end of the previous year, so she was placed in a group that was the level she was at at the end of Kindergarten. They went ahead and tested her. Come to find out, she tested out of the group she had been placed in (surprise). Apparently they do 2 different reading groups every day for 30 minutes. Beginning Monday Samantha will be in a higher level reading group for both reading groups. Yay. I find it very interesting that the reading specialist told us that because there was concern about Sam that after they looked at her data, they went back and looked at the data of other kids. As a result, they were able to move 22 additional students up in their reading level groups. I wanted to know why the data wasn't re-examined earlier but didn't ask because I didn't want to come across as a beast. Her teacher told me that she is scoring at the top of the class in language arts, but not out of what their doing (I say give her time ;) ). She is scoring in about the middle for math so since they do math centers during the day, her teacher feels like she's getting the differentiation that she needs. I'm still going to do more with her at home in that area. She'll be finished reading the phonics readers by Monday and will get to start reading AR books and taking tests. That should be interesting.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

That's good about Sam - hopefully that will alleviate the bordom.

Your kids look so adorable in their Halloween Costumes. :) I can't believe how BLONDE Nash's hair is.

And Caleb climbing out of his crib???? NUTS!