Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well, he's been sick for a week & so far no stays in the hospital - so, that's good news, right?
Here's a review/update for you!

Last Wednesday night...went to Urgent Care at Specialty Hospital & told he had croup. By some miracle the doctore actually gave him Dexamethazone!

Thursday I stayed home with Caleb...guilty mother syndrome kicked in.

Friday...Caleb went to daycare & did so-so.

Saturday (Halloween)...he still didn't feel too hot. Since the weather was nice I took him & the other 2 into Logan to trick or treat in downtown. Caleb just sat in his stroller & played the part of Yoda quite well (pix later!). I left Caleb with my mom Saturday night and took the other two monsters trick or treating in Nibley with the Snyders. We had lots of fun & got a good share of candy.

Sunday...Duleb still didn't feel too hot so I left Nash & Sam with my mom & went back to Urgent Care at the Specialty Hospital. Randomly enough we saw the same dr. that we had seen Wednesday night. Now we get told it sounds more like Bronchitis than croup. We finally got antibiotics.

Monday...I only went to work for 1/2 a day & my mom kept Caleb that morning until I got back. He seemed to be feeling better but still didn't act like himself. When I changed his diaper he had these weird spots on his inner thighs. Yes, I was now freaked out because my mind thought "allergic reaction to Zythromax." All three kids are allergic to Penicillan & the boys are allergic to Omnicef too. So, here I am thinking he's having an allergic reaction to Zythromax & if that's the case we're in BIG trouble when the kid gets sick! I put my mom on daycare standby with all the dr. names, numbers & a list of drugs he's been taking.

Today...I sent Caleb to daycare for the whole day. He did ok. Laura never could see the weird spots I was talking about on his inner thighs. When I changed his diaper tonight I could see them still, but only just faintly. I'm thinking it's just some weird coincidence...ok, HOPING it's just a weird coincidence!

So, we are surviving. Some days I think "Just barely!" & other days go well. Tomorrow we endure dance class & a short day at school for me! When I flipped the calendar the other day I realized there's only about 3 weeks until Thanksgiving....HOLY COW! I'm sure you'll never guess what my first thought was at that realization -- yep, YAY long weekend! ;)

We are anxiously awaiting this weekend when we get to make a trip south to Manti. Sam is so excited she can barely contain herself! And who can blame her? We get to visit Grandma & Grandpa Butter!


Tannie Datwyler said...

:( :( You have the most rotten luck with kids being sick!!!

Justin & Ashlee said...

Wow, hope he's doing better. That stinks. I wish I would have taken a stroller. I thought it would be too conjested but my arms and back were killing by the time we got back to the car. Next time...

Heather said...

Have a fun trip to Manti. Nothing better than having the kids at Grandma's because you truly get a break! Good luck with the sickness.